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Non constant elastic coefficient for calculating slabs on grade

Non constant elastic coefficient for calculating slabs on grade

Quite long slabs on grade has irregular foundation pressure, thus they have to have irregularal elastic coefficient to calculate forces in slabs correctly.

Unfortunately, right now Robot has no capabilities to set non-constant elastic coefficient for the slabs.


in addition to that, there could be an automatic tool to assign different spring stiffenesses to dofferent parts of a slab depending on soil parameters, loads and slab stiffeness (simillar to CROSS addinn in SCAD)

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Irregular foundation elasticity is also a valid situation where load distribution is irregular aswell. Consider a foundation slab of a building where half of it has 2 stories on top and the other half has 8 stories; geotechnical engineers immediately provide you a range of elasticity values throughout the whole slab. 


In order to accurately model that foundation, one has to divide the slab into smaller parts which is a very tiresome work due to reapplying loads and other properties for every each one of the smaller slab pieces. 


I’ve presented some of our ideas before and can be found at the following forum thread:



If someone interested - there is interoperability between Robot and Plaxis 3D

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