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useful addins for Robot (API)

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useful addins for Robot (API)

API Tutorial


Addin for displaying properties on selected only objects


Addin for Selecting Objects By Orientation


Rounding up / down coordinates addin


Ordinary round coordinates addin


Macros for contour points modification and rounding


Macro for correcting nodes position by defining the path


Macro for rounding nodal coordinates


Models Comparison


Macro for weeding \ removing intermediate points of panels


Addin for curtain walls cutting


Addin for intersection panels with each other 


macro for creating panel profiles from bars


Addin for intersection/extension bars to plane


Merging bars addin


Merging panels addin


Addin for changing bar length by moving existing nodes


addin for bar offsetting = copying bars in LCS directions of bars


Addin for changing one bar node onto different one


Addin checking flatness of panels, contours, claddings


objects geometry to triangles converter                                                                         


macro for converting panels to claddings


macro for creating 1  panel = 1 FE


Bars to Lines Converter addin


Lines to bars converter addin


Macro for Stories levels correction


Macro for geting and creating cartesian set of structural axes


Macro for highlighting nodes with instabilities


 Addin and macro for detecting short calculation elements


addin for applying brackets on both sides of bars


macro for adding section in rsection dialog box


macro for Pile foundation generation


Macro: Creation of quasi T & L beams


addin for creating closest nodes between bars


Contourize is an add-on for Autodesk Robot that converts panel objects generated by the Extrude tool into normal contour panels.


Addin Bars Under The Curtain Walls


bars to rigid links converter


Spider - the multi-tool with rigid links


Diaphragmer - work with diaphragms in another way


Macro for replacing compatibilities existing in model for new one


Addin: Walls To Loads


Macro for creating superbars \ supermembers in Excel table


different manual combination table,


macro for adjusting combination names


macro with inceremental buckling combination 


Converting nodal elastic support generated from planar support onto nodal support


Addin for changing bar forces with node generated load onto no node load.


Addin for coping loads for Load Cases


Macro - linear load converter to line load


Macro converting nodal loads onto force in point loads (for claddings, panels)


Addin: convert bar's forces to node forces


Addin for creating load cases basing on load records from another case


Macro for updating panel contour loads 


Addin for multiplying all load cases records by factor


Macro for importing uniform panel loads from Excel to Robot


Macro damping Load table to Excel with single object list


Envelope of forces at a connection,


Macro for updating model geometry considering deformation of selected case


macro for bars strain calculations


macro for panels strains calculations


macro for nodal displacements in local coordinate system of bars


macro for bar end forces as reactions


different bars forces tables


panels results tables


Macro for dumping all opened tables in Robot (with all tabs) to Excel


Macro for dumping active table (with all tabs) to Excel replacing correctly "/"


sum of reactions for the slab on elastic ground defined in panel thickness definition


sum of reactions for the slab on elastic ground defined as planar support


Import of reactions to new model


Export /  import reactions table to Excel


Nodes rotation – local axes


THA results to Excel


FRF results to Excel


macro for modifying the members list in steel design code groups in table


macro for creating Dimensioning Groups using different criterions


macro for checking bars membership in groups and steel design groups


macro for Member Verification ULS Ratio along bar length


Verification for the CFT column (Only circular tubular) and run all the optimizations based on construction costs.


addins for timber calculations, loads and combinations , EC8 relative displacements generator


Addin for Exporting Reactions to Excel V2


Estimation of reinforcement weight for all RC Beams and RC Columns


(API) macro to send bar forces to excel in certain order


(API) macro for changing/multiplying load values by given coefficient


(API) Diaphragmer - work with diaphragms in another way


Exporting map of slab reinforcement


Storey Stability Index Calculation addin


Schemator - toolkit to manage External Parameters


Split Arcs - program to split all arcs of a contour, polyline


Sphere - to obtain spherical shapes from simple meshed panels by a translation of the nodes

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