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Rounding up coordinates (API)

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Rounding up coordinates (API)

I am attaching small addin (private, not ADSK) for rounding up coordinates in Robot

You can add it to add-ins menu:

- as dll (the fastest method of getting results from robot) basing on from this thread starting from point 13

- as exe

or by running exe


It seems to work OK.



Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: janis_mr

For those who wants to play with it in Excel - attachment

(for nodes only)

Rafal Gaweda
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Thanks Rafal!


If I may add one detail to rounding coordinates up. (my recent experience)

I had a model with sloped roof truss. It was created on imported AutoCAD dwg.

Node coordinates were a big mess.

Ok, I used the add in, worked perfectly,


As roof was sloped, the middle nodes (those between first and the last nodes on the roof slope) went out of a plane, so local view didn't show elements correctly.

(Detalied correct to a plane solved the problem.)


So, all of you guys using this great add-in, be careful rounding everything up when you have something that needs to be collinear.





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Mirko Jurcevic

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in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

It works, Very Helpful.


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in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda



At first, thank you very much for this API, it's very useful.
Unfortunately, after updating to Robot 2021, it does not work.

I'm not a VBA specialist, but I think the bug is somewhere in Excel itself.

When trying to update nodes after rounding them up, I get the message: "not a value in cell $D$9".

I have tried many times on different models - still the same error.
Does anyone know the solution to the problem?

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in reply to: mikepiT9JX4

Hi @mikepiT9JX4 


This warning has nothing to do with Robot.

Check windows settings decimal separator: comma vs dot.


Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

Yep, now it's works, thanks!

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in reply to: mikepiT9JX4

Continuing topic:


Neither the built-in Robot tools (detailed axis correction) nor several API macros uploaded here work in my case.

API macros work with rounded coordinates, but Robot makes no changes.

What to do to correct the garbage in the next decimal places of the nodal coordinates (for all selected nodes, cladding, panels) ?

I set the maximum available precision in the job properties, but it has no effect.

I picked it up through "suspected" zero forces from the cladding loads - see below.


generated load from claddings2.jpgprecision.jpg

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