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Robot add-on: Contourize (API)

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Robot add-on: Contourize (API)

Contourize is an add-on for Autodesk Robot that converts panel objects generated by the Extrude tool into normal contour panels.


Major advantage of contour panels over extruded panels is that they support all normal meshing options. Extruded panels can only be meshed as s simple strip of rectangular elements.

Panel thickness is preserved even if defined indirectly as default thickness during extrude (not shown in object browser). Loads and meshes are not processed, use it before any load definitions.


Download zip archive at: 


Use Robot add-ons dropdown menu to add the .exe to add-ons or just launch the executable file directly.

Please give your feedback on bugs/workflow.



1. Select objects and activate add-on window to update selection.

2. Launch conversion procedure.

ScreenClip [7].png


3. Result: note the contour lines drawn on panels that are absent on extrusion objects.

 ScreenClip [8].png

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in reply to: Bauskas

Nice tool !

Remark: it works only for extruded lines or polylines

Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

Also surfaces deriving from curved polylines turn out somewhat deformed, but this looks like a generic Robot issue.


I will post the source code if anyone suggests a service or method that would get along well with MS Visual Studio. Tried Github but it seem to be just too much pain.


The main code is in the attachment. 


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in reply to: Bauskas

Any chance to upload zip file again ? Link seems to be dead

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in reply to: danny

I hope Aleksandr will not be angry :-).

The link :

Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: Bauskas
Message 7 of 12
in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

What goes public domain, stays public domain.

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in reply to: Bauskas

Great and useful tool. Many thanks!

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in reply to: danny

Great tool.

I have tried it in the "old" Robot (ver. 20.1.5) and it works.

As the author says, it works on panels from extruded polylines only. It doesn't work on extruded 2d objects (arc, circle..)

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in reply to: sergey.churilov


although many years after...

Can someone post the addon again? The links are not active (logically...). 

It would be very interesting to try this addon.

Thank you.

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in reply to: jmmarin

Hi, original author here. It's been a long time so I don't remember if the repo has all the files needed to use the plugin, but you can try the plugin Github here:

I will revise/update it somehere in the following months.

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in reply to: Bauskas

Hi Bauskas,

thank you for your fast reply. I will download and try it. 


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