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Editing nodal spring values (API)

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Editing nodal spring values (API)



I'm trying to model a footing in a volumetric model, and the soil stiffness is modeled trough springs in the bottom face of the footing via planar supports, so that the area of influence of each node is considered, but, I would like to run some experiments by editing the nodal spring stiffness according to their distance from the center of the footing. I wanted to work with the corresponding tables, but in the node tables, i'm not finding the calculated spring stiffness from Robot! Is there any way that i can see and edit these values via table? I could do it one by one, but I would rather not do that..


Thank you!

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You can see values in Nodes or Reactions table




These values are not editable but you can create (convert these values) as   \to nodal supports and then play with the values in Supports table.

Example Macro converting planar supports (considering only kx ky kz) attached.

Rafal Gaweda
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Works like a charm! Thank you 🙂
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How do we get the column for "Uz" in the reactions table? My table only has the first 6 columns as per attached pic

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RT.AddColumn (141)

Add such column to table

Rafal Gaweda
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How? I cannot see the option in the attached..

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Rafal Gaweda
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This does not represent the stiffness of the springs (kN/m) but instead shows displacement (mm)?

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Rafal Gaweda

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