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(API) Addin for intersection/extension bars to plane

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(API) Addin for intersection/extension bars to plane

Hi, everyone,


In development of this topic: and in response on this one: I've tried to make addin that intersect/extend bars by defined plane.


This AddIn create node or divide bar (if option selected) in point of intersection plane and bar or move nearest point jn plane.


To use this AddIn you firstly need to define plane by three methods:

  • input coordinates of three points which define plane;
  • select three nodes;
  • select object that define plane - panel or cladding.

Then you need to select bars which be intersected/extended by/to defined plane.


Image below shows the result of AddIn use.


Please notice that you have to unzip whole folder before using this AddIn


Feel free to download and use, comments and modifications!



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in reply to: igos

Added to our list.

Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: igos

Great tool , thx a lot!

Rafael Medeiros
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in reply to: igos

Hello everyone,


I have updates this little AddIn - some minor errors fixed, some minor improvements added.

Also, I'm attaching sources (in Visual C# Express 2008), so you can modify not only bars, but this AddIn if you wish Smiley Happy


Feel free to use and modification!


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