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Text Editing

Text Editing

When needing to edit text (i.e. sheet notes), if I highlight a word so that I can start typing a new word it won't inmediately type and edit, I have to hit backspace delete the word or phrase and then it would actually show what I am typing. Would be nice to be able to just inmediately type the letters right after highlighting the text that needs to be changed instead of having the delete it. 


Hi All,

I just have a simple change request: that when you edit text, and the text you want to change is highlighted, I would like to start typing straight away without having to type backspace half of the time. It is extremely frustrating. You type a sentence, look up and nothing has changed. You need to hit backspace first.

The annoying thing is that this does not happen all the time only half the time.

It is a minor thing but is very annoying. 





I agree, the issue seems to be that if your cursor is not over the bounding box of the text note it does not realize you are typing or trying to do something but for some reason if you hit backspace or delete first it will let you type.

It can definitely be difficult to keep your cursor over the text box as sometimes the text box may be 1 line and just a bit of drift up or down when you let go of the mouse to start typing can move you outside the box or if you are highlighting everything to change then lots of times you drag your cursor to the end and past the bounding edge.

It can definitely be frustrating.

I know the struggle, it's really annoying when this happens.


Hello, the answer to this is pretty frustrating, it will automatically backspace IF your mouse is over the highlighted text. Needs to be fixed, I agree.


Upvote for needing to overhaul this in particular but all Revit text editing. How did we go backwards from AutoCAD in this regard? The caret always needs to be visible. There's issues with text editing as listed above, also things like not always being able to continue sequenced numbering or lettering, limited options for text font and size within a single text box. In the properties panel and in schedule sheets, it's near impossible to edit text - most of the time I copy/paste it between a notepad document to be able to see the entire input and move around before finishing. Literally every user in Revit has to edit text!!


What I don't understand is text editing was changed (I'm hesitant to say improved) back in 2018 after many years of complaints. But even after the change it was still terrible. And then was left that way up till now. That's when this little bug about highlighting text and not having it change when you type started.


So how did we get an update to text editing but Autodesk still fell massively short? And why has been it left this way for years now like there isn't still obvious shortcomings? Why can't it just work like most other Autodesk programs? Somebody make it make sense lol


Hi m_coartney (et al)--


Yes, this is a crazy/frustrating issue that's been around a while!  It seems random and thus it was difficult to isolate the problem and debug it.  The good news is that we have it fixed in our development build and we hope to back-submit the fix into upcoming point releases.


Here are the details:  

The problem happens with this exact workflow:

  1. Open a text  note for edit.
  2. Left-click and hold somewhere in the text to start the caret (vertical line that is the text cursor).
  3. While holding the mouse button down, drag left or right to highlight some text.
  4. Now, WHILE CONTINUING TO HOLD THE MOUSE BUTTON DOWN, move the mouse somewhere outside the bounding box of the text characters (this is an invisible box that is very close to the edge of the characters in each line).
  5. Release the mouse button, and DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE AT ALL AFTER RELEASE.
  6. Now type, expecting what you type to replace the highlighted characters... but they are not replaced.  😞 

After selecting the text, a "Mouse Up" beyond the text bounding box causes the text to lose focus until the mouse moves again, so the keyboard does nothing.  A "Mouse Move" restores the focus to the text, and thus the keyboard works.

After Step 5 above, if the mouse moves even the tiniest bit, the keyboard will work on the text as expected.  Most people do move the mouse slightly on button release, so in this case they report that they can't reproduce the issue.


Our fix keeps the text in focus after a Mouse Up, so the keyboard will always work after Step 5.


Sorry for the years of frustration!  

Status changed to: Accepted

What does this mean? @treyk @kimberly.fuhrman Will this bug also be fixed in back versions? Up to which one?


Wow! Thanks for the really detailed, and helpful explanation @treyk, I for one really appreciate it.


This has been very frustrating for us

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