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Roof tool - make ALL settings stay from one use to the next

Roof tool - make ALL settings stay from one use to the next

PLEASE!!! Fix the Roof tool so ALL of the settings stay put, not some just some of the settings. It is sooooo annoying, frustrating, counter-productive, and design & production process disruptive to to have change the same settings every time the tool is used. What's the point of having some settings stay as selected, while others settings revert back to some mystical Autodesk standards with origins unknown? And, the settings need to stay when a view is changed. I'm often using different floor plan views to select different walls when creating roofs. Again, very annoying, etc. when a view is changed and some settings revert back to defaults. This goes backs years, nearly decades now, that these requests have been made. The following settings need to stay: Extend to wall core Check Box; Rafter or Truss; Slope. 

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