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Line weight override of Reveals

Line weight override of Reveals

Need subcategory for reveals in walls. The current "work around" is to either use linework tool for the reveals or change the setting for wall projects and use the linework tool for the walls. Linework tool takes multiple selections and line extent modifications. This procedure basically goes to the garbage when you have multi building project with links....yes you can "by linked view" which works for elevations, but does not work for composite perspective views. 




Having just spent a lot of time modelling reveals, I'm very disappointed and frustrated to find there is no satisfactory way to control their line weights. It is so important this is sorted out - I see this has been a recognised shortcoming for a long time now.


How has this not been resolved by now?

This is such a simple idea that should have been incorporated into the program years ago.

It clearly shows that the developers clearly arent in touch with the users


Hi Revit Team, 

We need a way to control better line weight for reveals in elevation. 

  • It can be a subcategory of walls
  • or similar to "common edges" =  Reveal Edges

thank you,


This has been an issue in the community since 2010. Please help us out here.


This is very much needed. I can't use the silhouette tool without screwing up how my reveals look.


Would be very useful. Workarounds are quite frustrating for that easy problem.

how many votes does it take to be considered?  i'll send out some emails.   

a 1/2" reveal on a 1/4" scale elevation, should not read the same thickness of a line, as the outline of my building...  just because the reveal is in a "wall".  

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