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Intelligent level associations with buildings or scope boxes

Intelligent level associations with buildings or scope boxes

We need that the levels shown in the properties of objects work with the concepts of buildings or scope boxes, for objects that are inside those same scope boxes. Let me explain why this is a time saver for most users that design multiple buildings in the same Revit document.


We often work with projects that contain multiple individual housing buildings, with different levels to follow the terrain. Currently it is more practical to split all those buildings in different files due to the way level works today. The downside with splitting into separate files is that one needs often to sync/replicate all operations, and families in all the files. That is extremely time consuming due to system families, and loadable families not being in a live link. If those would be live, in a company cloud library, then it would be something else, also very useful.


Back to the main idea, even though we create scope boxes to limit the extents of levels, the levels shown in the properties for the objects that are inside those same scope boxes (for instance walls) are not contextual, is just a collection of all levels in the project.


It is very useful that once levels are constrained to scope boxes or a building parameter, they do not show for elements outside those scope boxes or buildings. Its pure logic, it works like that in reality. If that can be done, we can design faster.


If this real world relation is implemented we could more easily design, schedule present projects with multiple buildings without the need of having so many files, and manual work to sync the commonalities between them. 


I think it would be helpful if there was the ability to assign specific Levels and Grids to a Scope Box. It would help if you have Buildings where an Existing Building Level meets a New Building Level that has a different height. This would help to reduce cross over grids & levels from one part of the building into another.

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@tbehning You can assign a scope box to levels and grids already now.


Thank you luis7SJJ3

But I need it to go the other way. I would like Levels to be locked and isolated to a scope box. So if I have multiple buildings and various heights I want the levels to act independently within each scope box. Similar to the plan region's view range acts independently within a view.

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