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Hide wall-layers outside the core in other view types

Hide wall-layers outside the core in other view types

It is possible to hide the layers of a wall that are outside the core in a floor plan view.

However, this only works in a floor plan view and when the wall is cut.


We hope that this will also work if the wall is not cut.

The option is also to be extended to other view types. Such as sections or 3D views.


It appears turning off non-core wall layers turns them off when they are cut in plan but not in projection. When the view range depth is set to show below the current level the outer boundaries of the wall finishes show. This should either be an additional setting or turning off non-core layers should turn off non-core layers no matter what. 


@kimberly.fuhrman please combine with: Only Structural Wall Sections - Autodesk Community


@richardsachs4475 I assume your idea same as linked idea. Please confirm


@kimberly.fuhrman read this again, sounds like @richardsachs4475  referring to projects below level or overlays, so please ignore the combine as this something different.


I believe overlays are also an issue. It really need to apply to all walls in the view regardless of how they are being displayed- cut, beyond, below or overlay.

Yes! We need to be able to turn off non-core layers below cut plane and leave the core layer visible! It makes no sense otherwise! 


Also when we are working with existing walls & new walls. noncore layers are off on new walls but on existing walls, its is difficult to dimension with this issue, unless there is a way to turn off layers on existing walls I don't know about. and if there is can someone help me.

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