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Fix the Tag by Category leader line option

Fix the Tag by Category leader line option

In Revit 2025, the Tag by Category tool has been revised. The check box for Leader Line is now in Properties. This is problematic because the Leader Line box cannot be checked or unchecked before an element to be tagged is pre-selected. If the Tag tool is selected, and the cursor moves over any element that does not have that tag loaded into the project, the Properties Panel will change and the check box is no longer available. When trying to tag an element, the Leader Box is checked by default. But it doesn't show up in the Properties until the element I want to tag is highlighted, and the Leader Line box is checked and I want it unchecked, I have to move the cursor over some other element to get to the Properties, in doing so the Leader Line check box goes away. The work around is drag the view so the element to be tagged is partially hidden in the Properties, so the cursor can move there directly from the object. SO ANNOYING!!! Such poor User Interface!!! Put the Leader Line box back in the task bar and make it available ALL THE TIME!!! Who makes these decisions???!!! How can Autodesk make an already terrible user interface even worse???!!! The development team seems to have no real world user experience and understanding of how we use Revit on a daily basis.


Agreed, If I knew of this change in workflow. I would most likely skipped this version of Revit. Hopefully this gets fixed in a Hotfix. Extremely annoying.

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Please do something about this AutoDesk. This has added too much work for me.

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With the current amount of bugs, this seems like a step away from efficiency. Please bring back the leader line box out of the properties pane!

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I was just shown by a coworker that you can turn the leader line off by selecting the 2nd option under the Leaders tab in the Modify tab section. It looks like it is grayed out, but it is not when you click on it. Not the most straight forward but I hope this helps.



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