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Enable tag and dimension in legend view.

Enable tag and dimension in legend view.

there is something annoying that makes many of my colleagues create a "legend" phase for just for legend purpose.



For instance, we can tag material and layers on a wall composition , but why couldn't we dimension the overall width or even tag the typeMark of the wall?


who use only material tag? 


I found a work-around using dynamo


It is amazing how little code is required to implement this, AutoDesk should fire a strategist and hire a coder to work on little stuff like this, they could knock out implementation of ideas like this at a rate of a couple a week (including setting up unit tests) and end up with annual releases that we look forward to rather than have to buy only because we're on subscription and can't save down.


Also I was able to extend the original idea to aggregate data from all instances and their hosts so I can tag my doors and windows on a legend sheet with a list of fire ratings of the walls they are in.

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yes, thanks for your notice

but its really very big request , I don't know why autodesk not implementing that

I think we all have to stress in this similar ideas




Lets make it possible to tag an Legend Component in Revit.

Now the Text is dumb and not connected on a legend component

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In order to make the Legend Tool useful it needs to be able to host Section views, specifically for Door and Window detail callouts.

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Text boxes are just not BIM. Why have the possibility to drag a family as a representation in a legend when you can't tag that representation. Quite non-intuitive if you ask me. 

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Autodesk - please escalate this idea request to defcon 11.

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Requesting API support for creating Legend Views and Legend Components.

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This has to be the biggest overlooked development opportunity in Revit so far regarding architects at least.
And specifically door/window drawings.

Archicad seems less typebased and thus slightly better in earlier phases of a project.
As the project develops Revit pulls comfortably ahead expect on one thing.
Revit has a great type system but cannot document the types properly.

Looking at this very rationally and professionally, during the last 10 years, deciding not develop the ability to document types is just an error of jugdement. Simple as that.
You have Assemblies but those are unusable for Door/Window drawings for a number of reasons.
(One being they disappear when the last instance is removed)

Legend components is the logical choice but you cannot tag the information they have.

So the core of the issue is to create type drawings incl type data.

Seems so obvious right ?

Except using Revit you cannot do it.

Archicad can do it and is very very good at it.

Putting a normal Door tag on a Door component in a legend view seems to be one logical path forward.

Creating Assemblies directly from a type (no instance involved) could also do it i suppose.

But seriously come on, something needs to happen here.




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Just want to add some more information to my original post here.


Here is a few examples on whats needed from electrical and architectural.
All disciplines need it in some way.

Example using Lines, Legend Components and Text.

(It could have been just one Tag getting the information.)

Then you might say.."hey what i minute we can do that with the Type Image parameter in a schedule".
We tried that and even made a function to update those images.
But its not usable because you cant align the text vertically to the image. (vertical middle)
This is how a Revit schedule will look today with the Type Image parameter:

Then you have architects who needs Door/Window Drawings.
Which can look like this but can have numerous layouts.
(Which a Door Tag will solve)
Again - this could be a Door Tag - just let us tag it.

We have been using secondary design options sometimes to make those.
Design Option because you can use tags.
Secondary because they dont show in regular schedule quanitites.


So another idea is to make the "secondary design option functionality" available as something else.
Like a category-specific virtual design / documentation space with an API that to support it. 
(Currently there is no API support for Design Options.)


This is low hanging fruits with large benefits.

More or less use what you have with some changes.


So all in all four ideas that will get us closer to doing this:

1. Standard category tags in legend views.

2. Create Assemblys directly from Type geometry. (No instance involved)

3. Vertically align text in a schedule (wont solve everything but its a good start)

4. Secondary design option-ish documentation space incl API support.

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And the problem, @simo74, is that there are a lot of interesting feactures that nobory is using because of handycaps like these that make them totally useless!!! Really Autodesk, wake up, it's time!

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AUTODESK,...…….. ….. couldn't care

new subscription license brings in enough money to not worry about further enhancing their product



I agree with the sentiment and as a programmer I addressed this back in 2013 with the fear that Autodesk would quickly implement such functionality.


The first routine of ARUtils was ARLegend. This will let you create door and window schedules (as well as pretty much any other element type or host type). Items are placed, spaced and tagged (dumb text) and put on sheets.  In addition to this Curtain Walls can also be scheduled and placed on sheets.


I apologise for plugging my software but hope that it may be useful for you (and others) to be aware of it.

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 Please please!! This should be already possible!


This lack of utility makes Revit almost a CAD platform when drawing construction documents.


This should be implemented day 1. Otherwise our documentation is not BIM.


I think I can die without the possibility to tag once in a Legend!

How great would be to tag a wall and have dimensions on it!

Years pass by and I'm losing hope....

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PING? Any news on this. I'm currently on a project with lots of wall types and this functionality is sorely missed. Doing it manually is insane and infuriating... but unfortunately it's the only way for now. Please, please, please bump this (and all legend related requests) on your priority list.


Yup, tell me about it,  


Enjoy the screencast.


Yup, tell me about it,  


Enjoy the screencast.

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