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Direct Publish Button for Cloud Models

Direct Publish Button for Cloud Models

If you save an updated cloud model, this is initially only saved in the local cache, if the model needs to be published to the ACC, this must be triggered manually as shown below. It would be nice to have a save button that updates and saves the model directly in the acc


Returning to the home-screen after (successfully) synching a project to the cloud leaves users with an outdated file list. Users are required to click the recycle button to get the home-screen to recognize the latest adjustment, ie. the user's last sync.

I propose to add another tag to the sync-file screen that allow something like 'publish immediately after sync'.

20231016 095038-Synchronize with Central AND PUBLISH.png


Only way I would like this is if the default was OFF, and it would revert back to OFF every time, so that you had to purposely select the option to make it happen.  We don't want users to turn it on and then sync 12 times during the day and also publish each of those times.  That way it would make it a little tedious to do at least.  


While I understand that sometimes we don't want to share work in progress with a client, not everyone needs to withhold the latest version of a Revit Cloud model from their audience on ACC/BIM 360. In my case, it actually causes me more problems because I always want my project team to have the latest information and sometimes I forget to click Publish.


It would be extremely helpful if there was a per-project option to Publish on Save automatically. 

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