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Custom Cable Tray Profile

Custom Cable Tray Profile

The Cable Tray as a system family works great from the sense that we can define various families for different fittings. 


The Cable Tray as a system family doesn't work so great when it comes to representing the geometry accurately. What I'm seeing is the cable tray size, is what we would consider a nominal size. a 12"x4" tray (in my case, Panduit FiberRunner), is the available space within the tray. The overall dimension is actually closer to 13"x4.5". However, unlike conduit, the size may not be centered with the tray itself. For the Panduit FiberRunner, the difference in height is added at the bottom, and the difference in width is tapered outward at the top. 

The snapshot below shows what I'm referring to. 



What I'd like to be able to do, is to define a profile for the Cable Tray System Family, and still maintain the ability to use the functions for creating bends, tees, crosses, reducers, and unions. 



It would be nice if we could assing a profile family to cable trays.

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Make it possible to create Cable Trays based on a profile family.


If possible you can easy create Cable Trunks, Busch Bar etc.. with a geometry specified in a separate family.

So we can get rid if the Ducts used for this functions 😉

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Link my former idea to yours, let´s get more votes!


We have some specific projects, were we need cable trays of 19x38mm size, for lighting and sensors, unfortunately Revit does not allow this size, the minimum value is 1 inch.

I believe this is not hard to change.

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I cannot create perforated cable tray models in Revit. Kindly share the procedure how to create family for the same.


Please post this question in the Forums

This is an Ideas page for development suggestions.



It would be much nicer if Autodesk gave you an answer, rather then telling you where to post your question, not?

And the answer might be the following: you can, I believe, but only in rendering, if you want to keep using the "cabletray family", which in some way makes a lot of sense...

If you're fine with having it in rendering, I would try (and already tought to do so) applying a material with a cutout in it's rendering definition. Looks one color in shading and other instant views, but should more or less be correct in rendering (perhaps except for the vertical sides of the cabletray, which ore normally NOT perforated if I'm right...


Next thing would be to have a specific cost for each size, but that seems to be to difficult for the Autodesk engineers. Or, guys, if you read this, have you found a solution for this and for our ducts and pipes...???

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Currently there is not any option inside Revit to visualize perforated Cable Trays as perforated, so would like to request to get this features in next update/release of Revit.

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Hi all, dear people of this community,


What I would love to see in the future of Revit are Cabletray types wich are Editable very easily.


The last weeks I have been working on a project to create a certain Cabletray template for a big manufacturer in Cable management systems.

These where the thoughts that came in my head about cable trays in Revit for the future.




To begin with, the construction of ladders or wire meshtrays.

Would it not be nice to add new features of Cabletray type editing functions like "Rung editor" just like Architectural Railing Family's have "Baluster placement" and Rail Structure (Non-continuous) ? just like in the first image below.

This all with the intention to create Wire Mesh trays or even Reinforced, maybe perforated Cable Ladders per example ?

Most of our customers are somehow already expecting to see this in 3D BIM models.


At second, would it not be better if there is just a simple Function such as "Load Profile" in Cabletray type properties?

This with the intention to create the Section of the Tray defined by the end user or manufacturer.

So we could simply import a sectionview of a generic Cabletray manufacturers drawing to Revit's Future function "Cabletray Profile editor" or something like that? Maybe we could even create compartments inside the Cabletrays itself. to maximize the digitalisation of the engineering process in Revit.


Also, What I would like to see as well is that I want to add material parameters to influence the visible aspect of the Cabletray. Maybe by adding it to its object style or just by type parameter.


And, would it not be amazing to create a certain kind of Cabletray fitting type that can be attached to certain references such as Workplanes faces or other references?


At Last,

Would it not be nice to give the Cabletray system family the possibility to devide itself in diffrent object styles. So we can at least devide our types, and not by creating a specific rulebased filter.


I think that, with these ideas implemented, it would really boost the workflow of Revit.

By giving the engineers the chance to make their products more clear they can have a good structural overview.

They can make Cabletrays in more practical ways and make it even more popular for MEP engineers.


I hope YOU readers think the same. and maybe one day some of these ideas will be implemented! Smiley Happy



With Regards, 


Martijn Pellekaan

jr. Electrical Engineer 



Rail type propertiesRail type propertiesCable tray fitting type (attachable)Cable tray fitting type (attachable)

Being as Autodesk are aligning Fabrication CADmep more closely with Revit I can't see this happening to be honest.
You would probably be best served creating custom content in Fabrication then loading this library into Revit.

Autodesk could add Service Types in Electrical settings.

Tried to illustrate how below - Could be so nice if one could turn off or delete the predefined ones and add new ones.

Service type in settings.png

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This exact item gets posted every few months!

A great idea.

Could not finde any macthing subjects when I made a serch. Hope that Autodesk will put them togheter as one idea.

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hi @ViviNyehuusAndersen

I understand the need for differentiation between each cable tray function, but if it is visual differentiation why not use filters?

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Great explanation of your idea! Here is a similar post with some additional requests...feel free to add your vote!

Easily Editable Cabletray types - Autodesk Community


It would be nice to see cable tray service type added to project browser and works like duct/pipe systems where types can be pre-defined. 


Hi all,
I am looking for software to fabricate CABLE TRAY Fitting which is automatically create the 3D model just by key-in the dimension (For example: WxHxD and Length...) then It is automatically create the flat pattern to cut in CNC machine or any machines related. 
(The software might look like Autodesk Fabrication CAMDuct but in CAMDuct doesn't have Cable tray )

I am really appreciate all your help,
Thank you all in advance.


I agree, right now we are having to use schedules and filters to convey the different service types. As a whole, the cable tray system family is in need of an overhaul, still vey limited features with it.

Anything new on this?

Sorry to push, but it's time Autodesk did a lot more for Revit users


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