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Column Tag on angle with under line

Column Tag on angle with under line

Revit Column Tag family- I required a col tag family on an angle of 45 degrees or adjustable as per drawing with annotation underlined, Line should be adjustable per Annotation length or per drawing layout area.

 we have created a col tag family with these options but here still have not fulfilled the 100% requirement.


See the attached Revit file with the tag family and also a few snaps for your reference. 

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This is also something I need and made a family that has served as a pretty good work around though the tag is a bit darker than we would like. I can't upload the family in this comment but here's how ours works:

  • Label text style has underlined checked
  • Created a line in the tag family called TEXT NOTE that is drawn at a 45 degree angle from the center 
  • Underline of label is centered on end of line
  • Mirrored both and set visibility parameters for left and right
  • In the project, TEXT NOTE line is set to a thickness that closely resembles the underline thickness. In my case, it's 0.01"

I wish I had a way of controlling the fake leader line but the set distance I have it set has worked fine so far. Below are some images to show what I'm talking about. Hope this helps!






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