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Add USER INSTRUCTIONS for families

Add USER INSTRUCTIONS for families

When you make a complex family it's hard to give a precise name to some parameters, then you can use the Tooltip to give a single explanation, that's fine.  Some times it would be better to include a capture or drawing, this a secondary idea.  But moreover, there are some explanations needed to understand the whole family, like a whole-family-tooltip.


Therefore, this idea is to enable a place to give instructions for the whole family, including a picture, either for users or even for oneself after a while


Probably you should create a tutorial view in your detail library or template with the family pre-placed with text objects describing your family's functionality.


If you'd like instructions saved into the family itself, make a text parameter and write in it.  Lock this text by writing in the formula column (surrounded by quotes).


yes, sure, I could also make a youtube video, or write a book about it, or even give an URL that brings you to a website where I can explain extensively..  but that's not the idea, if you have to go somewhere else, nobody will watch it.  It should be an easy thing to see, just like the ribbon tooltips, pe.


You're right with the instructions parameter, that's what we're doing.  And if you create a multiline-text you'll be able to write more than a few words.  You can write me if you want more tricks, even with images included, but this forum is not about OOTB


thanks anyway @ks2_wmb 




Okay, I actually really like this idea.  Here's my suggestion for implementation:


Provide a new "Family Info" parameter.  This parameter should be:

  • Automatically locked (non-editable in the project environment)
  • Display in the properties palette alongside instance parameters
    • Actually give me two parameters, one that's visible in the type editing window, one that's visible in the properties palette -- but both should be type-locked
  • Have its own section, directly above "Other" but below other project parameters (or also above "IFC Parameters"?)
    • In the family editor, this section should be listed below "Other"
  • Support line breaks, like Project Address parameter
  • Span across both project browser columns -- use the project browser section heading as the only label

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