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Add Systems to Conduits & Cable Trays

Add Systems to Conduits & Cable Trays

Adding System to Conduits & Cable Trays with System Classifications As example : Power , Low Currant , Lighting...ETC

This Will Help Electrical Engineers Using Conduits and Trays and customize their Visibility on System basis and to use modifiers in DWG Export Setup  

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Need Cable Tray and conduit systems in Revit just like we have "Piping systems" and "Duct Systems".

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I would like to see the ability to add a clearance no-fly zone to the cable tray.

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Good day!
I think if you add a shared parameter to the necessary categories of families, including Conduits & Cable Trays, will allow you to perform the necessary filtering. In addition, you will not be bound to the list of parameter values.


Hi there.

I agree with you this would help in filtering (and this what is already done), But it can't be specified as a modifier so systems would satisfy both needs :).


@Anonymous Systems give more control than only using shared parameters. I'm from the HVAC side and systems are vital. Electrical has similar needs in many cases so applying systems to Electrical is not a bad idea at all. 

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Ok, but I have a few questions:
1. How to implement this System parameter, if several cables are laid in the tray? We get the situation with a connector in family, either a power connector, or a data connector, etc. Only one connector is used.
2. If the parameter is built into the revit and contain a limited number of values, how to describe the entire set of systems in a generic form. I mean in Russia, for example, their standards and requirements, in another country - others. You probably have not heard of many systems that are designing.


I understand the advantages of such a parameter, for example, the automatic inclusion of new elements in the system and all of the following from this plus, but the electrical networks and low-current networks are more complex and diverse in terms of system construction.


 @Anonymous...The System we are asking for is not a parameter...that already exists...This literally is a TYPE, that has it's own set of 'parameters'", for lack of a better word, that will allow more functionality without relying on Parameters....Specifically "Visual"...not having to rely on Filters each and every view....




@Anonymous I wish Revit had the same system feature which is available for pipes & ducts in conduits also.


Anyway, what I do for overcoming this limitation is to make separate worksets for each conduit system.

Example: Power, Voice, Data, Lighting etc.

So now I have got control over each system, I can add filters for giving colors to each system, I can hide/ show them by hiding or showing the whole workset and then save it as a view template.

It's a little-twisted way while comparing to what we usually do with pipes and ducts, but anyways it works!


System Types for cable trays and conduits are required throughout the industry. If these can be introduced to mimic how duct and pipe systems work, it would be a great addition to Revit. The System Classifications which can be added should mimic the current electrical connector Systems Types (Data, Power – Balanced/Unbalanced, Communications etc.)


Apart from the workarounds required to define the different systems with filters (via parameters) or duplication of tray/conduit types and other, there is a huge material and visual limitation by not having systems made available to cable trays and conduits. Design Review processes and client walkthroughs would definitely also benefit from this.


Let me explain the visual portion, cable tray and conduit runs are globally controlled via object styles, but this means, one material type (even if they are different in most cases) for all the different system types required for cable trays and conduits.





Can rule-based filters be used to resolve the visual displays in plan views? Yes, but as soon as it leaves Revit into visualisation packages, Navisworks or tools used for AR/VR, Design Review and other use cases, your visual control tends to go out the door. This causes gaps in workflows, causing new processes to maintain and overall inefficiencies.


The difference between different display settings in Revit and visual display in Navisworks without any overrides. 


Display_02.png   Display_01.png


Display_00.png   Display_03.png


Different coloured conduits for example also resemble different system type uses, for example white, green and salmon colours are used for different communication types (comms, data, security, nurse call etc.) and orange for power. The list and variations per country or industry vary.



If we had systems for cable trays and conduits, the aforementioned would be resolved amongst other things.


Below are two similar posts which share similar sentiments: (Hoping to get enough consolidated traction...)






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If I could vote for this idea again, I would. 


haha, thanks @HermanSolomon - same here!


Hello @rudi.roux 


I created a free plugin ConduitMaterial to apply the material on conduits by type!



Have fun!


conduit issue.PNGHello,

Is there a way to change the way conduits are displayed in Revit 2019/2020 to show bends/changes in elevation? As of now, all my conduit racks in plan view appear to be at "same level" as there is no showing of where bends/fittings are.


This idea should have a lot more votes.


Another workarround is combining conduit types with filters, but the less workarrounds the better.


This thread needs to be bumped to the top of the list. Cable trays and conduits need a big overhaul. As a bare minimum they could make them operate similarly to the duct and pipe systems.

But some of the suggestions above would make them so much better to work with.

Come on Autodesk, these ideas have been suggested for 5years!


A +100 from me for this. Please make electrical/ICT pathways first class systems for MEP modeling.

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