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cannot start Revit 2015 for API debugging

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cannot start Revit 2015 for API debugging

I have been working with Revit API for several versions but now I am having difficulties to debug with Revit 2015 API. 

The plugin I created seems to work fine with Revit 2015. But when I try to debug it in VS by pressing F5, I saw Revit starts and immediately exits. The VS Output window shows a 0xe06d7363 Microsoft C++ Exception. 

I googled this error but it seems to be very general and nothing relevant to this context. 

I am using VS2013 on Windows 7. Any ideas is appreciated. Thanks!

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You need to switch Visual Studio back to the legacy debugger. I think Jeremy covered this on his blog a while back.

The setting you are after is called "Use Managed Compatibility Mode" and is found in the Tools -> Options -> Debugging menu of visual studio.

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in reply to: Anonymous

You are absolutely right! Now it works as expected. 

Since your mention it, I now remember Jeremy's blog regarding this setting, and put the link here just in case anyone is interested:

But it didn't refer the symptom I was seeing. 

Anyway, many thanks! 

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thank you for solving my long unsolved issue

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