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v2015 - Navisworks Can't Import Revit

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v2015 - Navisworks Can't Import Revit

I've done many imports into Navis 2015 from Revit 2015.

However, there is one particular file I am struggling with.


The file is coming into Navis and shows up in the selection tree, but none of the entities are actually being brought in.

So the selection tree only shows the file name with no sub categories and entities.


I know that the file has some modelling warnings in Revit.

Railings that loop funny and walls that are duplicated onto other walls.


Unfortunately, the Revit model was created by somebody else and this is being dumped onto my lap.

There is no quick way to fix all those errors and rehost elements onto new one as that would require a lot of redrawing and deciding which of the duplicate pieces to blow away.


I just need to get the thing loaded as I see it right now into Navisworks.

Is this possible?  Or have I been saddled with a task that cannot be done?


thank you!


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in reply to: ronsarlo

Is there anyway they can send you an .nwc export?  If not, can you post the rvt file.....if not that either, email me you you email and i can set up a folder for you in 360 to upload and I can take a look.



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in reply to: VWD-MLM

Hi Mike,

This is a legacy project that was all done in-house.


It was modeled by a Revit newbie, thus the countless warnings in the model.

In an attempt to eliminate potential issues, I've removed all the warning issues.

I've made a copy of the file, and have gone through the project and outright deleted every item that was throwing me back and warning.

So the project now is warning-free.



Despite that, the model is still not going from .rvt to Navis.

See the attachments for screenshots of the errors.

I'm pretty grumpy about this right now.  hahaha.


Instead of importing directly from Navisworks, I'm trying an .nwc export as you suggested.

It hangs and throws me back an error.



I checked that log file and it isn't telling me anything helpful?

Autodesk.Revit.Exceptions.ExternalApplicationException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

   at Autodesk.Revit.DB.CustomExporter.Export(View3D view)

   at NavisWorks12.LcIRevitBase.Export3DView(View3D view_3d, StateDictionary state_dict)

   at NavisWorks12.LcIRevitBase.ExportDocument(String& return_message, ElementSet elements, LcIRevitParameters* params)



Unfortunately, I am not allowed to let you look at the model (Orders from the boss).


Any thoughts on how I can try to tackle this?


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I have this problum too, Have U fix it?

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in reply to: ronsarlo

Try with below method, Exprot via Revit Add-Ins
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