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UV Additive Texture Animation

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UV Additive Texture Animation

I have been toying somewhat with the idea of trying to be able to animate single UVs in Motionbuilder. To be able to create a simpler skinsliding technique. In Maya the implementation I have created so far can be seen on my site here;

Maya Skin Sliding Effect

Now, trying to get the same thing working in motionbuilder is somewhat trickier (if even possible/meaningful given mbs design!?). I have done some testing setting this up similiary as in Maya using both constraint and fbbox as a base class. The problem I am hitting (using both branches) is not that I cannot change the UV data per say, which works. But to be able "re" upload this to the GPU on update cycle. My guess is that doing this on a continus update cycle will severly degrade performance though. However I am not sure. And there might be a way todo this with as small of a hit as possible.

Anyone knows something of value that might help in this regard? Stumbled over something at some point that might help, for example? Anyone?



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