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Selection performance issue with Maya LT 2015 SP3

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Selection performance issue with Maya LT 2015 SP3

Some users have reported performance slowdowns after updating to Maya LT 2015 SP3.  Typical symptoms reported are slow response or intermittent freezes when selecting objects in the viewport.


We appreciate the help we've received in tracking down the cause of this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.  


Based on our analysis of the root cause we believe this will impact only some users. 


If you are experiencing this issue, please try the workaround described below:


  1. Set the environment variable MAYA_DEMO_VERSION to “Autodesk Maya LT 2015
  2. Restart Maya LT.


There are various ways to set environment variables.  


Below is an example showing how to set the environment variable on Windows via the Windows Control Panel.   



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in reply to: christiej

Thanks, it is faster now with my student version on Windows 8.1.

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in reply to: christiej

Fixed my selection lag
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in reply to: christiej



I faced the same issue. I just wanted to share some of my findings with you. Maybe they could help.


FYI: I ran Maya 2015 LT fine for three days in a row since I initially installed it. Then 'suddenly' this lag issue started to happen since this afternoon. No change in hard- or software since the initial installation.


When monitoring my system (Windows 8.1Pro) I noticed that at each moment that the system froze up, the FNPLicensingService64 started to consume quite some CPU. I then tried to manually turn of the service and suddenly Maya was responsive again, until FNPLicensingService64 started to kick in again after a couple of seconds; after that Maya became unresponsive again.


Anyway, aside from this observation everything started working properly again after setting the environment variable.



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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks for the information - it helps confirm that the solution we are working on should prevent this in future.


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in reply to: christiej

I noticed that I did this environment variable thing and I still have this horrible lag between selecting and it seems doing anything.


In my processes I noticed 7 processes called acwebbrowser.exe *32 (Chromium host executable), and after looking it up it's part of the Autodesk deal, but as an expirement I ended one of the processes, this seemed to reset these, and sometimes they'd all dissapear and a few more reappear. 


Going back to Maya it now has NO lag.  If I restart Maya, I get the lag again, and the same trick of ending the process manages the lag.


The only thing this seemed to do, ending those processes, was to get rid of that login option at the top right, the white box.  When I restart, when I wasn't logged in, it had no options. 


Now that I am logged in, when I restart Maya, it keeps me logged in, but again it's laggy, so literally just ending ONE of the 7 processes described above will manage the lag.


Any explanation here?

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in reply to: christiej

Please note that when using Maya LT 2016 this workaround should not be necessary and the environment variable setting should be deleted.    



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