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Give Bevel a procedural modifier like smoothing toggle (non-destructive)

Give Bevel a procedural modifier like smoothing toggle (non-destructive)

Please give Bevel finally a procedural modifier option.

Similar like you can toggle with key 1 and 3 the smoothing in order to work still properly on a lowpoly.


For work with "selected edges": It just needs to update the vertex ID's when something is changed at the topology in order to keep "selections" and would allow a non-destructive workflow. (Maybe an "update" button to press)


Or otherwise allow like 3dsMax a manual re-selection, but keep a way to toggle and to keep that as a modifier over the history stack.


Still the new Maya bevel is way behind Max in comparison to Max procedural modifier stack – and the bevel could have been the start to catch up!

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why so few votes on this! bevel is the bread and butter of modeling

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