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File Icons!!!!!

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File Icons!!!!!

I recently downloaded the Inventor Publisher 2013 demo. Ever since I have found an annoying problem with Inventor files. In most situations, when I view a list of files, all of the Inventor files display the same icon (app.ico). It does identify the files as Inventor files, but it does help me distinguish between part, assembly or drawing files.  This occurs in Inventor's File>Open dialog boxes, in Windows Explorer and in My Computer.

I assume that I have changed the icon associated with each type of file. Do you know how to fix these associations?

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Hi Longie,


This happens when Inventor isn't registered right. When you have installed a previous version, inv 2011 or 2012 and you install Inv. 2013 (demo) the registration in the windows register is a problem. You can see this when you start inv 2013 and inv 2011/2012 at the same time.


To correct this, you can try to run inv 2013 first and when inv 2013 is open then start an instance of inv. 2011 or 2012. When you get the message inv. should register again, and have to terminate inventor (and explorer), just click yes.


After reregistering the icons should be right again.




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Hi Leander No, that didn't work, there was no registration problem window! My demo is Inventor Publisher 2013 and my licensed Inventor Professional is 2011. Thanks for trying. Longie
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Run program as administrator.

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