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TrueView download

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TrueView download

I cannot download DWG TrueView. When I click the download button nothing happens. And nothing happens when I click download the installer. My associate in another state is having the same problem. Is it a windows 7 issue? How can we download the software? 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Phillip,


 I just tested and confirmed that the links are active / valid. It could be a browser or firewall issue that's preventing the downloads from initiating... As a workaround, I've provided the following DWG TrueView 2013 direct download links.


DWG TrueView 2013 32BIT - LINK


DWG TrueView 2013 64BIT - LINK


If this resolves your issue please accept as a solution so that others can utilize the information.

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in reply to: philip.s

Thanks! it worked.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hey Philip,


Thank you for links, they still work (3-6-2013). The links that Autodesk setup for Trueview 64/32 bit did NOT work for me. I am Not behind a firewall, I tried two different browsers (IE9 and Firefox v.19million+) turned off Anti-virus, luck until I got your links.


Operating system: Windows 7, 64bit,


AD should just use your direct link instead of whatever they are doing now.


Again, thank you and both 32 and 64 bit downloads worked and their installs also..I did have to do the Full Net4.0




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in reply to: Anonymous

This solution worked for me too. Thanks.


I could not download the 64 bit software using the Akamai net session interface - it would always stall after 2Mb downloaded.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks for the links.  Very helpful.


Why does Autodesk hide these direct download links and force us to use their stupid installers that invariably fail to work? 

Directly downloadble software is a good simple solution.

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in reply to: Anonymous

could you provide direct links for TrueView14 64 bit?
thanks -
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in reply to: Anonymous

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in reply to: philip.s

Awesome! Thanks for the truview14 download!

Cathy Jensen

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in reply to: Anonymous

(hopefully my contact information is not visable to everyone else...)

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in reply to: Anonymous



I edited your previous reply. I removed your address, contact number and email address. 

Joane Bonghanoy
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in reply to: Anonymous


Can you please share the link for 2014 32 BIT version, please?


Thank you.


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in reply to: eunice.chagoya

Hi Eunice,


The 32 Bit direct download link for DWG Trueview 2014 - 32 Bit is below.


DWG Trueview 2014 - 32 Bit.


Please let me know if I can further assist you.

Amanda Kinley
Community Program Manager
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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi, could you post a direct download link for TrueView 2014 32BIT version as well?  My download doesn't start either, and I have a 32 bit OS.  Thanks.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Never mind, didn't read the entire post, thanks!
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in reply to: Anonymous

I am having the same download issues with TrueView 2015.


Could you please provide the direct download links.





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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Mike,


Here are the direct links:


DWG Trueview 2015 32BIT - LINK
DWG Trueview 2015 64BIT - LINK


If you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks!

Jessica Thrasher
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in reply to: joane.bonghanoy

Much Thanks Jessica

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in reply to: Anonymous

You're welcome!

Jessica Thrasher
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in reply to: jessica.t

It's possible to get a normal download from the Autodesk site without the direct links provided here, but it's horribly convoluted and should be made easier. I have no idea why Autodesk insists on pushing this Akamai method and making life difficult for its customers, but if you want to download Autodesk stuff without having to install a dysfunctional download manager, here's how it is done using DWG TrueView 2015 64-bit as an example.


1. Navigate to the download page.


2. Select the version you're after (64-bit in this case).


3. Pick Download Now. This presents a popup which starts off with two barefaced lies in the first sentence. Do not be deceived.


To complete this download, you need to install the Akamai NetSession Interface, a download manager used to reduce download time and increase quality. This install should take only a few minutes at most, after which your download can resume.

Please take the following steps:

Download the installer by clicking the link below.
Run the downloaded installer - it will set up the NetSession Interface.
When the install has completed, this popup will close and the download will resume in the browser window.

Click here to begin: download the installer.

If you have questions or want more information about Akamai NetSession Interface, please visit our home page.

If you cannot complete the installation, click here.


4.  You really don't want to install that stuff on your computer, it's very badly behaved and does not like being uninstalled. Instead of doing what it suggests, pick the click here right at the bottom. This presents another popup:


We're sorry the installation failed. Please take a moment to share your feedback regarding this installation process.


Press OK to close this popup and try an alternate download method.
Press Retry to return to the previous screen and try the installation again.


5. Don't bother with the feedback link, which goes to Akamai. Even if it works you'll just be ignored. Just pick OK. This presents you with a page containing the magic words that should have been there right at the start:


Click here to download using your browser.


6. Click on the word here, which is a direct link that will use no download manager, or whatever download manager you have installed. Whatever it is, it will be vastly superior to the Akamai download software.



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Steve Johnson - blog nauseam - ClassicArray

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