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Energy Settings - Ground Source Heat Pump Option

Energy Settings - Ground Source Heat Pump Option

We are currently limited to a few options of HVAC systems under the Insight Energy Settings within Revit.  We have projects where it would be extremely beneficial to analyze ground source heat pump options (and chilled beams, and hydronic systems).  We currently are only able to select a system that is "close" to the performance and efficiency levels of these systems.


Could we see these in the near future?  Or an option to override HVAC system specs with those that match the above systems.


Energy Settings HVAC Systems.JPG

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Quite Helpful and nice information


Yes, more updated options for the drop-down selector for a conceptual or schematic energy model would be great! Your idea about "an option to override HVAC system specs" could be like a form fill or type property dialog to create HVAC schemas for more detailed analysis. I accidentally duplicated your idea request but have linked back here! Thank you for posting!

The first thing my project manager asked when I showed him the Insight run was "where's the geothermal system"?

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