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Bring back Solar Radiation into Revit!

Bring back Solar Radiation into Revit!

Now when Vasari has not been opgraderet to a version 2015 the smooth and needed workflow to Revit do not work anymore. I have liked the simplicity within Vasari until Revit 2015 appeared. Vasari is a good tool for new simulation users. This is not the case anymore, unfortunately. New users have a hard time to understand why it is not possible to go back and forward between Vasari and Revit 2015. So do I!

I have seen in serveral presentations from autodesk that they have Solar Radaition within Revit - why is this not released to the public. I though things should be easy for the users and not the opposite. As it is at the moment you have to develop complicated workarounds or tell students that they can not do it.


So please Autodesk put the simulations from Vasari into Revit 2015. And please bring back the Planar Solar Radiation plot like the wind rose back as well!!

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Thanks for the post on the IdeaStation. I will report your request to the BPA team and make sure that they have this as a user request in their list. I will try to update you with more information. 


Please keep informing us on the things that you need to use the building performance analysis tools more efficiently. 


Mohammad Rahmani Asl




I am glad to inform you that the Solar Analysis is now availbe in Revit. You can read about this feature on BPA blog and download the tool on Autodesk Lab. Please try it and give us feedback. 


Keep informing us on the things that you need to use the building performance analysis tools more efficiently.


Mohammad Rahmani Asl

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This is very good news!


But, there is always a but. Already for 2-3 years ago I started posting wishes to functionalities in Vasari and now it will be to Revit. Unfortunately, there have not been any improvement in this period.


Check the latest post about wishes and improvements:


I really hope some people at Autodesk, this time will listen to some very basic improvements I have been trying to suggest.



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Quick introduction video to Solar Radiation for Revit:

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Hey, how come there is no equivalent of Vasari any more? What tool can I use for Solar Radiation analysis?




SAR (Solar Analysis for Revit) has graduated Labs to Revit 2016 with the Insight360 plugin.  LAR (Lighting Analysis for Revit) is still available for 2014 and 2015, and for 2016 with Insight360.  Insight360 is available through  For the latest capabilities in SAR and Insight, refer to my AU presentation this year at Also for the new massing and conceptual design workflows, FormIt is the new tool.


We always like to hear your feature requests as well, if you have particular capabilites for solar analysis or other high performance design workflows.



Status changed to: Implemented

With solar radiation analysis implemented in FormIt 360 as well as Revit 2016 and above, we hope this meets your requirements! Please feel free to start a new idea if you'd like to see the current solar radiation feature expand.



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