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add Peak Cooling/ Heating Load, kW

add Peak Cooling/ Heating Load, kW

I am missing one benchmark, peak Cooling/ Heating Load, kW. This very important and useful value. We need this value at early stage to think about systemand base load etc..


Hi @Anonymous,


Yes, agreed, peak loads are very important and useful. Have you seen the heating and cooling load visualization in the Insight 360 web interface? 




Similarly, from Revit, once you generate an Insight for a model, you can access a tabular report of the heating and cooling loads.




Let us know if this is the kind of information you were requesting, or if there is something different related to loads you'd like to see in the tool.




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Hi Stephanie,


I am aware of this. This is great feature so see if our results make sense and see distribution across building. However this is not following the same process. If we want to use for early stage sensitivity study we need to be able to quickly run and easily get results in same format, so at the end it will be streamline process and results can be presented in same format. 

Maybe you should link so Insight  to read Heating/Cooling data. Whatever you do we need to see this in one place as this would be part of our sensitivity study.  

2016-11-21 14_30_55-Insight360.png


I can see now data per surface but I want to see also per building

In fact I would like to see all this data that you present for surface for building. This would solve this Idea. 



2016-11-21 14_44_45-Insight360.png





Ah-ha. I get it now. Thanks for the extra information! 

Will share this back with the development team 🙂

Status changed to: Under Review

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