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InfraWorks 360 Roadmap Check In - January 2017

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InfraWorks 360 Roadmap Check In - January 2017

It's true that time flies when you're keeping busy! In the 6 months since I first shared the InfraWorks 360 product roadmap (here), two more updates have been released and I've had the opportunity to meet dozens of you. The September update introduced new capabilities for reality capture, road and bridge design, as well as quite a few other enhancements. Not long after that, the team hit the road to attend a variety of industry conferences, including I-HEEP, the AASHTO annual meeting, and the Country Road Administration Board's annual Road Design Conference in Chelan, Washington. Then it was time for Autodesk University. All the while development teams continued to extend and enhance InfraWorks 360, gearing up for the update that released last Friday, January 13th.


In this post I'll go over some of what's in the January update and provide some insight into the current product roadmap. But first a reminder for regular readers and a heads up for new readers about the ground rules:


  • We're sharing some of the highlights of our product development roadmap to give you a sense of the general direction InfraWorks is heading. There's a lot more work going on behind the scenes and this roadmap doesn't reflect everything the development teams are working on.
  • Roadmaps are plans, not promises. We're as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion.
  • These roadmaps should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

Cool? Good. Let's get to the fun part. On the roadmap shown below, planned work is shown in the gray boxes. Things already delivered are shown in bright green. For things delivered in last Friday's update, look for the fire icon - those enhancements are hot off the presses!


Product Roadmap Jan 2017.png



Design and Engineering Experience

The design and engineering experience is how InfraWorks 360 provides views, feedback and an appropriate level of control while modeling assets. We're currently focusing on three aspects of this experience: how the model looks (Views), how analytics are presented and accessed (Analysis Hub) and how data, such as dimensions, are presented in the model (Contextual Annotations).


When a road or right-of-way is selected, you'll see some new dimensions to guide design decisions. Key stations are labeled on a selected road, and the distance to the corresponding road centerline is shown when a right-of-way is selected. These annotations self-adjust so that they're legible as you rotate your view of the model. (Thanks to Kelly Perison for bringing that suggestion to the forum.) 


We plan to expand these types of annotations to other assets, including bridges. We're also keeping tabs on your ideas, such as this one about labeling road names, as suggested by James Holloway. We're also planning to continue adding more functionality to Views and the Analysis Hub.


Annotations.pngDesign and Engineering



Modeling & Analysis

We continue to look at how we might evolve InfraWorks 360 into an engineering design tool. We've been focused on workflows for modeling existing conditions (reality capture), detailed design of roads, bridges and drainage systems, and estimating quantities. Here are a few of the latest updates to those workflows:


Legal Boundaries

We've added a few new tools for sketching and editing legal boundaries. Any line segment on a legal boundary can be converted to an arc. Arcs can be inserted at any vertex, too.  Right-of-way limits are now displayed on the Road Cross Section viewer, so that you can see how the roadside grading fits (or doesn’t) within those limits. Speaking of grading, you can now define independent grading zones with their own slopes and materials as well as define the length of a transition between two zones.


ROW on Road Section Viewer.png



You'll find a couple of enhancements to earthwork quantities. Cut and fill quantities for the selected road now include grading around bridge abutments, intersections and roundabouts. To see earthwork quantities within a specific zone or area, define it with a station range. Yes, we've been focused on earthwork quantities, but we haven't forgotten about the need to estimate material quantities for roads, bridge and drainage systems,  guardrail, lights, and signs.




Bridge Design

We've made improvements that streamline some bridge editing workflows, make it a bit easier to reuse bridge models, and provide more flexibility when sending a bridge model to Revit. Now you can apply edits from one asset to another with the Apply to Next Selection… tool. For most assets, you can modify the material using the Stack; now you can use it to modify girder material, too. We’ve made it possible to reuse bridge designs. Look for bridge templates on the Style Palette; there are a couple of sample templates to get you started. There is now a new option for moving the bridge model to Revit. Depending on the geometry of the bridge components, converting them to Revit Families doesn't always yield the results you’d expect. Sending those components instead as Direct Shape - a new option - may yield better results, especially for more complex shapes.




A few other enhancements to improve usability

We've made quite a few changes to improve usability and performance. We streamlined the panel used to extract terrain and features from point cloud data; consolidating a few things frees up some space making the UI a bit simpler, but no less useful. We’ve also made some improvements to trees – specifically, we’ve been working on ways to balance high visual quality with model performance. Check out the new Beech Tree style, which adapts the level of detail shown to the zoom scale.




Release day is a big deal around here, and I hope you're as excited as we are about the latest update to InfraWorks 360.  I'm looking forward to sharing many more updates with you all in the coming year and, more importantly, hearing your feedback and suggestions. Here's to a productive, collaborative and happy 2017!

Sarah Cunningham
Product Manager, Autodesk Takeoff

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in reply to: scunningham

Wow, thanks for the details!


I would love to peruse the roadmap, but the resolution is too low. Can you post a higher resolution version?


Also, you mentioned hot items being in fire red, but I see no red in the posted roadmap. ??


I think it's cool that you are able to share plans with the community without everyone signing an NDA and without regard for what is coming out in any particular fiscal quarter. That didn't used to be the case. Knowing your plans gives us time to comment on those plans, which I'm sure is part of your goal.


Thanks, again.



Tim Corey
MicroCAD Training and Consulting, Inc.
Redding, CA
Autodesk Gold Reseller

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in reply to: scunningham

Hi Sarah,


Thanks for the efforts on you and the teams part. Please post a higher resolution image of the chart?

Also, do you know of a Civil 3D and Map 3D roadmap?



David S. Metcalf, RA


CADsoft Consulting, Inc.

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Hey @scunningham,


how are you? Hope everything is fine! Thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us! It is great! Could you please reupload a higher resolution image? I have some ideas but can't really see if they are being pursued on the Roadmap.


Thank you very very much



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Please find this link for the Road Map image:


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