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What are Post Processors and how do I get them?

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What are Post Processors and how do I get them?

CAM requires post processors which are essential printer drivers for CNC machines. These post processors allow the CAM tools to format toolpaths into CNC programs, a.k.a. G-Code. These CNC programs are excuted by the CNC control to drive the machine as it removes material from stock to produce a finished part.

The CAM tools that are now part of Fusion 360 include a variety of standard library post processors or "posts". If your machine is not listed in the post processor library you may need to request a special post to be created. If the post for your machine is listed, you may need to have some modifications done to get the exact output you are looking for. Depending on your experience in machining and machine tool knowledge this may or may not be important to you. For others, such as professional CNC programmers - this is essential.


To obtain more information or request a post or post modifications please visit: Because all Autodesk CAM tools utilize the same post processor system and CAM kernel we have a dedicated forum to discuss all things CAM.


Anthony Graves

Product Manager, CAM

Autodesk Inc

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in reply to: anthony.graves

Where can I see if the CNC is being supported?

At Wayne we use a K2CNC KG4925HD-5-TT and I went to the link you send me and did not find a thread which lists supported CNC mills.

Claas Kuhnen

Faculty Industrial Design – Wayne State Universit

Chair Interior Design – Wayne State University

Owner studioKuhnen – product : interface : design

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in reply to: cekuhnen

Thanks for the question.


You can access the standard library posts from the CAM tools inside Fusion 360.


1. Select Post Process from the CAM toolbar




2. Click the drop-down menu to display the list of included posts*




* We will be updating the library to include addtional post processors, but the current list includes:


- Fanuc

- Haas

- Heidenhain

- Mazak

- Mitsubishi

- Okuma

- Thermwood


This basic set is provided but will be expanded in the next update (Fusion 360 update) to include a broader range of machines and controls supported in HSMWorks and Inventor HSM.


Please submit your request for a specific post to the Post Development Team over in the Post Section of the Autodesk CAM Forum. They'll help you out.


Note: You can use your Autodesk ID to log in and submit a request on the Forum. A login is required to post.


Anthony Graves

Product Manager, CAM

Autodesk Inc

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in reply to: anthony.graves

Hi Anthony,


I'm looking at editing Post Processors. Is there any documentation on the creation/editing of the posts, syntax etc.?

I have 30 or so years of expertise in CAM & posts, so I'm confident in what is required for the machinist but not the program that you are using for the creation of the posts.


I hope I've exaplained this correctly. 



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in reply to: DWhiteley

Hi Dave,


I can see you have some experience with VB which helps since the posts are written in JavaScript.


Send a mail to and we will send you the getting started manual + reference manual.




René Fonseca
Software Architect

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in reply to: fonsecr

The UI changed recently. It's now a dockable window:


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.41.32 PM.png

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in reply to: cekuhnen

The post processor is found where you just wrote the cutter path.  Right click on it, and it will give you the option to select Post Process.  Selecet that then select your machine.  After that has been selected, say post.  If you have no tool changer you may have to edit out the "T"  Change so your CNC does not go looking for that tool.  You will have to zero out your cutter before you launch the program.  Good Luck,   below are a few screen shots.

post process 1.png

post processor.png


Remember:  You have to setup the workpiece and activate the part you are writting CAM code for.


Good Luck

Automating great ideas. Tooling & Technologies
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I guess that's the post dialog for the Mac, the PC one's different and hopefully the PC one doesn't get down graded like the library manger was!

Here's the PC dialog.


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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in reply to: HughesTooling

I had been running Fusion on a Windows box for years now.  the iMAC configuration is so much better.   Everything seems to work the way it was intended.   Really cool how much better the iMAC behaves.



Automating great ideas. Tooling & Technologies
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in reply to: anewenergy

FYI - moving forward, please reference an the updated Post Processors thread here:


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at my school we use a Biesse Rover BG. where can I find the post proces  for this machine  for Fusion 360? 

Normally they use alphacam. But I want to use fashion because i can use it on my mac. 


pleas let me know if you could help me. 




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in reply to: mitchelldeb2

Hi, All the available posts are here:



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in reply to: mitchelldeb2

@mitchelldeb2, please have a look here for more information:



Principal Technology Consultant
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in reply to: AchimN




My name is Elbregt


We got a license for powermill (cam software) and inventor.

I am asking if there is a generic postprocessor of the datron next that works with powermill. I already have asked someone of powermill and they told me that there was none.


Is it easy to adjust the datron next postprocessor of HSM so that i can use it for Powermill?


I know the basics of visual basic


Best wishes 



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in reply to: elbregtWKM24

Hi Elbregt,


No sorry, you cannot use or convert an HSM post for use with PowerMILL. You will need to make a new post specifically for PowerMILL. Not sure what the produce will be for you but I would start by asking your reseller (or similar contact) to see what they say.


If you didn't already, you can ask on the PowerMILL post forum.


René Fonseca
Software Architect

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in reply to: fonsecr



I'm new here, I'm sorry if I have post my question in a wrong place. The CNC 3 axis that I'm starting to use is equipped with Fanunc series 0, how can I find the right post processor for this controller.


Thank you in advance for your help.



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The Generic Fanuc post processor will be the right place to start for you.

Laurens Wijnschenk

AutoDesk CAM user & Post editor.
René for Legend.

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in reply to: anthony.graves

Ok I try! Thank you!
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in reply to: anthony.graves

Go to the link and flounder for a while trying to find the right area to look(layout of this site is terribly cluttered), only to find a response that says call your reseller....

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in reply to: cferriola

Hi -


Sorry, which link are you referring to?


Another place to look is the online post library, at

Here you can find all of the "stock posts" that we make available. You can search for these by name, machine type, controller, etc.


If you don't find what you want here, you can use the Post Processor forum to ask for advice on how to best work with the particular machine you have.





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