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Metal Sheet Flange Error

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Metal Sheet Flange Error

I made this frame with curved corners in metal sheet in aluminum and i want to make small flanges pointing away from the frame on the sides of it. But it wont allow me to do this. It says "cant complete sheet metal operation due to an internal error. check the body and bend perimeters, then try again". But it dosent work, even with other angles and such.

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Please attach your model.  Open in Fusion 360, pick the File menu, select Export and save to your hard drive.  Attach it to a reply post using the Attachment section.

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your part isn't a valid sheet metal body.  it's a continuous ring with no break.  how would you bend it?  fusion doesn't know either, hence the error.

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Although what you are saying is true, it is possible to create a flange without being able to create a flat pattern.



In addition, a flat pattern can be created by cutting with Extrude.


Therefore, I feel that the intent of the questioner's question is something different.

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