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Latest release unstable when changing parameters

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Latest release unstable when changing parameters

Suddenly, after updating to the latest release, F360 is crashing fairly consistently when updating certain parameter values.


In the attached example f3d file, when changing the depth parameter, which is associated with Left Side.Sketch1.Linear Dimension-2. F360 will crash. Other parameters can be changed successfully.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Yep, another crash report on 1st change test, here too.

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in reply to: Anonymous

In doing more testing,  this seems to be a more consistent problem when using multiple components that may be moved by changing the value of a parameter. I recreated the same test model using multiple bodies in a single component, and have not seen a crash yet.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Seeing some thing like that and notes that the memory usage goes up like crazy had it on 12gb of 16gb yesterday and did come in one of the last patches.


when i try to change the sketch 1 for the arc from 9mm to 12mm it crashes.

d10 and d12 is used by the pattern function.

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in reply to: Knatteanka22

thanks for reporting these, and even more for sharing the models.  Right now, I feel these are two separate problems.  The first is a crash, the second seems to be a hang/infinite loop.  Bugs are:  FUS-51691 and FUS-51690.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

I've got a file that was working fine yesterday and today I can't edit the primary sketch at all without an immediate crash.  I'm guessing it's related to these bugs, so maybe another file will help.  The file originally had a decent amount of geometry, but due to the proprietary nature, I've deleted everything but the primary sketch.  I've tried everything I can think of including restarting my computer, opening it on a different computer, and editing through the parameters menu.  Just about any edit to the sketch causes a crash.



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