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Guide Rail Lofting issues

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Guide Rail Lofting issues

 So now that I got the lofting somewhat figured out, I am trying to get my guide rails to work. In the first pic you can see the highlighted sketches that I am lofting between, and the upper straight line, and lower spline curve are my rails. I have tried multiple times to get them coincident, and it appears that I succeeded, but when I try to attempt the loft with the rails, I get the error that my rail does not connect all profiles. So when I zoom in (other pic) you can see that they are not connected, but have the coincident mark on them. I can even measure the distance between them, usually comes out to be .005-.006mm which might be the tolerance of this program...Idk.


Then other thing is when i made my spline curve, I finally got it to intersect all sketches and when I went into loft to see if it worked, it did indeed work. So I said, ok now I will try an fix the upper straight rail. Well after re drawing the upper straight rail and making it coincident to my sketches, a section of my lower spline curve totally vanished... and I had to re draw my spline curve all over again. And this time it was much more difficult to get the spline coincident with the sketches. Is it a bug???

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I would like to suggest a method of creating rail connection points between your loft section sketches that I find makes the job a lot easier.  Take a look at my screencast.  I of course did not have your model so I just created something to demonstrate on.  I also only created connection points on one plane between the loft sections for time sake but you could use as many planes as you would like.  I used origin planes but your could create your own planes as well.



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Thank you, thank you, thank you! That should make things a lot easier! Let me give it a whirl...

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