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Critical Issue? Here's how to contact Autodesk Customer Support

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Critical Issue? Here's how to contact Autodesk Customer Support

With the growth of this community I wanted to make it very clear that if YOU have a critical problem and need help, here is how you can reach Autodesk Customer Support.


Customer support works hard to populate the tech support articles in the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Start by searching for known issues in there! If you still need help...


For Account or Subscription Related Issues:


Account issues happen! Subscription issues happen! We have a team ready to chat with you. A few related examples are:


  • Signing up for a subscription or free license help (non-educational)
  • Subscription Issues - Expired account, renewal, purchasing help, etc
  • Bought a subscription, but Fusion is stuck in Educational mode
  • Unable to assign users/need help granting users access 

If any of these sound familiar to you, please initiate a chat with an agent via the Contact Us page in the Autodesk Knowledge Network.


For Installation Related Issues:


If you are having trouble installing Fusion 360, check out the Autodesk Installation & Licensing Forum. Currently there are a lot of solution articles on the Autodesk Knowledge Network around troubleshooting Installation issues. Give those a peek, and if you need more help - contact our Installation Experts.


For Students/Educators who are having trouble getting set up:


Autodesk has a specialized team that is trained in how to get students/educators up and running with their student version of Autodesk Software. If you are having any trouble:


  • Registering as a student/educator
  • Installation the educational version of Fusion 360
  • Renewing your education license

Please reach out to our Education Support Team, by starting a chat or sending them an email. 


Note: This team is here to help get you set up with a license, and install Fusion 360. They are not equipped to help with specific in-product work or homework! Please post to the Forums if you need help with a specific project. Our community is amazing and willing to help!


For in-product Technical Support Issues:


Are you having issues within Fusion 360? Perhaps you have encountered a software bug you would like to report, or need help working through an issue/workflow that is complex?


For a user with a commercial subscription of Fusion 360 - you can leverage one of your subscription benefits which is contacting support! To do this - please email or schedule a call with Technical Support via the Contact Us page on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. 


For all other users, please post to the Forums. The Fusion 360 Community has been helping all users for over 5 years running now, and is an amazing resource and wealth of knowledge. Try searching for your issue, as well as posting a new topic for any issue you may be having!


Do you not have a Support Entitlement and want one? Consider purchasing a Subscription of Fusion 360 which includes access to Autodesk Customer Support.

James Youmatz
Product Insights Specialist for Fusion 360, Simulation, Generative Design

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