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Can't add a rail to a loft-- tried everything to no avail

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Can't add a rail to a loft-- tried everything to no avail

I've been trying all afternoon to add a 3rd rail to a loft, but the error message is its not connected to both profiles.  I've quadruple checked, regenerated the profiles, everything I can think of and the message won't go away.


Earlier I created a similar 3-rail loft and it worked first time, so I'm at a loss. 



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Did you click on the little + sign in the bottom left corner of the rials dialogue ?

In genreal, if you want a loft that smoothly transitions form one end to the other, then there is a bit more work to do with the splines you have.

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Guess I didn't make the sequence of events clear in the video.  Here are the steps.


1. Created a spline between profile 1 and profile 2, making sure one end hits profile 1 and the other profile 2.

2. Edited the loft, clicking on the "+" sign to add a rail.

3. Selected the rail created in step #1. 

4. Get an error message saying the rail doesn't connect to both profiles.


As shown in the video, the spline absolutely is touching both profiles, as you can see by the coincident symbol on each end.  

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@michael55SE4, it's hard to say for sure - can you share the model?  I can't see the error in the screencast, but you mentioned it was a "rail does not intersect the profile" error.  In general, those tend to be pretty accurate, so probably your rail does not actually intersect the profile.  I always recommend using Project -> Intersect and select the curve from the profile to make sure that the projected point actually precisely intersects the profile.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Thanks, that worked!  I had been using regular Project, and while it visibly looked perfect, it apparently didn't "connect" in the internal model.   


I hadn't used Project Intersect before, so I know know.


As an aside, I actually 3D printed this particular design and the ukulele is playable.   Now the neck is a lot better.




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