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November 2022 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What's New

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November 2022 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What's New

Post Processor and Machine Simulation What’s New


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Looking for the latest post processors and machines updates? Look no further!

We are continually working hard to bring you updates and improvements to the many open-source Post Processors and Machines we offer for free, but those updates often get lost in the shuffle of other enhancements or big feature releases. This post aims to update you on newly added or improved post processors and machines, so you can stay up to date on what you use today or look for news so you can get the most out of Fusion 360.


This post will get refreshed with notable updates as they’re released, and you can click each hyperlink to go to the mentioned post. As always, you can find the latest in our post processor offering on the Online Post Library where you can search by vendor, type, or name, and see any recent changes to each post processor.







  1. New Post Processors
  2. Improved Post Processors
  3. New Machines
  4. Improved Machines
  5. Post Processor Engine




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1. New Post Processors



 Additive Post Processors







Added Re3D additive FFF post processor.







New Beta post processors




The following are the new post processors under development, which means they are currently in the testing phase:






If you choose to use one of these post processors, you assume all inherent risk in using it, and we ask that you proceed with caution. That being said, if you feel safe doing so and are willing to test any of them and provide feedback, let us know in the HSM Post Processor Ideas, where Beta post processors are announced, or in the HSM Post Processor Forum.




2. Improved Post Processors



We are always working to keep post processors up to date with new technologies. This is a summary of the main improvements made to post processors already in the library.



Generic Post Processors






Added the 'Only on tool change' option to the 'Use sequence numbers' property.






Milling Post Processors






Ethereal HALO, Fanuc, Fanuc Inspection, Matsuura, Syil, Syntec

Fixed critical issue when using the 'Safe start all operations' feature in several post processors.








acurite millpwr g2_thumbnail.png


Added the 'Use tool change codes' property to disable the output of the M6 Lx Dx codes in the ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2 post processor.









Brother, Brother Speedio, Brother Speedio M140

Fixed tapping cycle output in the Brother post processors, using G77/G78 for Pitch/TPI tapping output.









cnc masters_thumbnail.png

CNC Masters Mill

Helical interpolation now outputs the Z-axis as an absolute position in the CNC Masters post processor.











Haas GM2-5AX, Haas VR-8, Haas VR-9, Haas VR-11, Haas VR-14

Added the option to position the rotary axes at the center of the model for multi-axis operations in the Haas GM2-5AX and VR-xx post processors.










Machine Simulation

Updated the machine simulation sample postprocessor.












Fixed the initial subprogram number definition in the Masso post processor.











Mazak, Mazak VC-500

Added the P1/P2 directional code to the G53.1 block in the Mazak post processors.










Added a property to switch between 'Txx M06' and 'M06 Txx' output in the Mitsubishi post processor.










ShopSabre with Mitsubishi control

Added a property to switch between 'Txx M06' and 'M06 Txx' output in the ShopSabre post processor.









tormach pathpilot turning_thumbnail.png

Tormach PathPilot

The Tormach post processor now respects the maximum spindle speed set in the machine configuration











Add lead-in moves to the profile when cutter compensation is enabled in the woodWOP post processor.








Turning Post Processors






Fixed issue when using turning canned cycles in several turning post processors.








tormach pathpilot turning_thumbnail.png

Tormach 8L Turning, Tormach 15L Tormach

Default to the correct maximum spindle speeds in the Tormach turning post processors.







Mill-turn Post Processors






CNC New GT-Series Mill/Turn, DMG Mori NLX Mill/Turn, Doosan Mill/Turn, Hwacheon Hi-Tech 230 AL Mill/Turn, Nakamura Mill/Turn, Samsung Mill/Turn, Toshiba VTL Mill/Turn, Tsugami MO8SY/MO6SY Mill/Turn


- The axes adjustments for the secondary spindle are now correctly reset at the end of an operation.

- Fixed drill cycle retracts on secondary spindle for radial tools.







Haas CL-1, Haas DS-30Y, Haas DS-30SSY, Haas ST-10, Haas ST-15, Haas ST-20, Haas ST-25, Haas ST-28, Haas ST-30, Haas ST-35, Haas ST-40, Haas ST-45, Haas ST-55, Haas ST-10L, Haas ST-15L, Haas ST-20L, Haas ST-25L, Haas ST-28L, Haas ST-30L, Haas ST-35L, Haas ST-40L, Haas ST-45L, Haas ST-10Y, Haas ST-15Y, Haas ST-20Y, Haas ST-25Y, Haas ST-28Y, Haas ST-30Y, Haas ST-35Y, Haas ST-10LY, Haas ST-15LY, Haas ST-20LY, Haas ST-25LY, Haas ST-28LY, Haas ST-30LY, Haas ST-35LY, Haas ST-20SS, Haas ST-20SSY, Haas ST-30SS, Haas ST-30SSY

Cancel Y-axis mirroring in the first main spindle operation when a sub-spindle is    supported in the Haas Mill/Turn post processors.





Additive Post Processors






- Implemented a setting to omit moving to the park position in FFF post processors.

- Added additional print duration information to the program header of all additive FFF post processors.










Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S5

Changed the value for the header variable GENERATOR.VERSION in the Ultimaker post processors.







3. New Machines




Machine Library



The Machine Library lets you manage your machine tools by using Machine Configurations to define your available machines and resources. These configurations can automate the settings in your Job Setup.
There are many Machine Configurations available in the standard library.


You will have available configuration files for some of the leading machine manufacturers:




Hp table.png



The easiest way to get started, is to copy an existing configuration that matches some of the characteristics of your machine.




4. Improved Machines





Creality Ender 7 Corexy_thumbnail.png

Creality Ender 7 Core-XY

Fixed model name and description in the Creality Ender 7 Core-XY machine configuration.








5. Post Processor Engine



Our development team is always working to update and fix the Autodesk CAM Post Processor engine. These modifications are not related to a specific postprocessor (as described above) but affect the entire library or at least the post processors using that specific class.


Here is a summary of the main topics for the current post processor kernel (4.5911).





Operations using optimize3DPositionsByMachine simulate correctly.








Added separated functions to access tool axis vector and rotary axis positions.

Added the getCurrentABC, getCurrentToolAxis, and setCurrentToolAxis functions.







Expanded post engine to support Feed Per Revolution in drilling cycles.







Please remember you can find here all the information regarding the Autodesk CAM Post Processor engine.





Click here to see the previous What’s New release







Andrea Amilo

Senior Technical Consultant

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