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Participant License using BOM compare tool

Participant License using BOM compare tool

It would be really great if my Participant License Users could use the BOM Compare tool. most often I have users with read only access that want to know what the changes were from one revision to another of a BOM. 


the option is not available since the Participant License is Read Only even if the group they are assigned to has a role with this permission they still cannot use the BOM compare tool. 


Status changed to: Future Consideration

HI Richard,


This is the first time some one has shared this idea on the Idea Station.


We will keep this idea on file, and will revisit in the future.


Thank you,




Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Richard,


Great News!!!


Your request/idea has been recently implemented with the latest August Release.


You can go to the Help Guide under "What's New" to get more information on the recent release. 



Keep those Ideas and Requests coming!!!






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