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Technical Support for PLM 360

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Technical Support for PLM 360

UPDATE March 2015

Get ready for something new and better!
Subscription Center features are now in your Autodesk Account.

Sign in to your Autodesk Account at accounts.autodesk.com

sign in.png

Once signed in, hover over “Support” on the menu at the top and click on “View my Support Cases” from the menu options.






Choose the Support topic that best describes your issue.









Fill in the required information for the topic you chose, attached any related files, and click “Submit”






Hope this helps!


Michelle Stone
Technical Marketing, PDM & PLM
Autodesk, Inc.
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I would like to report a bug, but I only get a Startup license ...

Here is the bug: I create a Component with a group in bodies hierarchy tree, then hide one group. Then I create a mirror of this component. The resulting component does not have the body group previously created, but the bodies in the group are directly in the bodies hierarchy tree.

Thanks a lot

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