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Announcement: PLM 360 joins Product Innovation Platform - now Fusion Lifecycle

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Announcement: PLM 360 joins Product Innovation Platform - now Fusion Lifecycle

PLM 360 is now part of the Autodesk product innovation platform, named Fusion. This platform redefines the way products are designed, made and used. Fusion brings together a unique set of cloud-connected design, manufacturing, and IoT tools.


As part of this change, PLM 360 will now be Fusion Lifecycle. It's still the same great product lifecycle management solution, but now part of our Fusion family.


Have questions? Read the full FAQ, attached. Update 5/18: For more information about the Fusion product innovation platform, read our blog post, or watch the vision video.




- Kimberly Stout, Community Manager

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in reply to: kstout6821

Right now it is only seen in our training tenant , when is the plan to roll this out to Production?

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in reply to: pnigam

Hi Pnigam,


I expect it will be there before the end of the month.

Hagay Dvir
Engineering Manager
Fusion Manage
Autodesk, Inc.
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in reply to: pnigam

Hey Pnigam,


You will see some branding changes in-product with our next release, currently slated to happen in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you'll notice a change in brand here, on our website, social & content channels.


Hope that answers your question. Thanks!

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in reply to: kstout6821

A quick google search of "Fusion Lifecycle" brings up a ton of Oracle stuff. Smart.

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PLM 360
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in reply to: kstout6821

I hope the rebranding was worth it for Autodesk.


For existing users who are only interested in using the product, rebranding is nothing but a nuisance.



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in reply to: sten

Yes totally worth it~!! 😉 This is part of a larger corporate strategy goal that is materializing over next several releases.

Martin Gasevski | Fusion 360 Team Product Manager
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in reply to: kstout6821

Exciting to see this is now part of the Fusion Platform.


Can you please elaborate on how this change may affect the PLM (Fusion Lifecycle) web address and API, specifically the address of the REST endpoints?


will this:


become something like this:




Sailin Benedum
D3 Technologies - Solution Consultant

D3 Technologies | Connect with me on LinkedIn
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in reply to: kstout6821

The base URL and API endpoints aren't affected by this rebranding phase. We're discussing its impact as a future possibility, but nothing tangible on the horizon just yet.

Martin Gasevski | Fusion 360 Team Product Manager
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in reply to: kstout6821

Will you be changing the link we use to access the plm product?

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I believe all existing links will remain the same.
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in reply to: kstout6821

I'm curious, now that PLM 360 is part of Fusion family, does it mean it'll integrate with Fusion 360?

Cause from my understanding, A360 is different from PLM360 right?

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