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Are you an educator who uses Fusion (formerly Fusion 360) in their courses in secondary and post-secondary? This is the official Autodesk forum for educators like yourself to share the success you are having with Fusion in the classroom.
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This forum is closing

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This forum is closing

As part of our Forge platform updates announced in June at the Forge DevCon, we have adopted StackOverflow as the primary portal for discussion of and support for all Autodesk Forge APIs, and we are closing down this 'View And Data' forum. Therefore, please ask your questions on StackOverflow from now on. The forum has now been set to not allow new posts, but will continue to allow updates to existing threads - so we can finish off any outstanding discussions. In due course, we will switch the forum to entirely read-only.


Please visit for information on how to tag your questions on StackOverflow so that the Forge Team can find and answer your questions, and also for details of how to contact us if you're not getting the answers you need there or if you have a question that is not appropriate for StackOverflow. (Note - The 'Get Help' page displays more information when you're logged in to the page with your Autodesk Id).


A big thank you to all of you who have been helping out your peers via this forum. I hope that you will continue to contribute your wisdom via StackOverflow.


Stephen Preston
Autodesk Developer Network
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I think to bookmark this page ( for all future references. StackOverflow is much better to get more attention from all developers who are not Autodesk users, as well as search engines.


Thank you.

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