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Onboarding and Offboarding Students

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Onboarding and Offboarding Students

I have read the document from the team that discusses and demonstrates the Onboard / Offboard process and it has been very clear and helpful BUT what happens when 2 teachers from the same school have the same students double up in their classes? Both staff members use a seat from their allocation. I am very close to using all my 125 seats and still have one more class to assign, but not enough seats for all. If I can recover a few from this double up situation, I should be fine.  If I unassign a student from my class list, will that stop their access to Fusion completely or will the assign from the other class allow them to continue with the Fusion software? 

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Hi Jeff,

Great question. A student can only have one license per product. They can acquire it from their own Autodesk Education Account or be assigned a licenses by an educator. If your fellow educator assigns Fusion 360 licenses to 15 students, you won't need to assign these students licenses for Fusion 360, if you try to assign them licenses, they won't be used. Also, if a student gets their own Fusion 360 license, and you also assign them a license, your assigned license will not be used for this student. Does this help? Here is a link to a PDF that explains how this works Educator’s Guide to Onboarding and Offboarding Students.




Dan Banach
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Once again,  a quick and helpful response. I am confident now that I can UNASSIGN some of those kids who double up in classes, without fear of them loosing access.

Thanks for the awesome help.

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