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Custom threads xml generator

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Custom threads xml generator


I made a little tool to make custom trapezoidal threads. Or rather - it generates an XML-file that you can copy to "threaddata" folder in Fusion and use the "make thread" tool. When 3D printing we try to avoid overhangs > 45 degrees, but almost all standard threads has more than that. Metric for instance has 60 degrees overhang which tends to curl and make a too tight fit. So now you can make threads with 45 degree overhang (90 degrees included angle in the program) and choose your own custom clearance according to your printer's accuracy.

I attach a zip containing a windows .exe file. I provide C# source code if you are worried about malware.

I did'n bother to make any error checking and stuff, so you have to put in valid numbers with decimal separator according to your location etc. (only "," and "." should work)

threads app.jpg


Hope you like it!

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Fixed some bugs. Here is a better version 🙂

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Nice tool. Thanks.

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in reply to: thomas.landahl

Just what I needed. Many thanks for having taken the time to publish your excellent tool!

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in reply to: phil

Cool, I'm amazed you found it here LOL. Thanks for commenting

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Dou you have the source code of this version aswell? 

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I’m searching…

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Yay, I found it on one of my laptops. Attached the source code

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in reply to: thomas.landahl

Hello, and thank you for this very nice little software.

Is it possible to make threads with several entries. As for example the trapezoidal threaded rods of 3D printers like the Ender 3 which has 4 inputs, a pitch of 8 for the 4 threads or pitch of 2 between each.


For the moment I have only found tutorials with the use of a spring (COIL) and therefore do it manually with a 90 ° offset each time for the 4 entries.


Thank you

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in reply to: Anonymous

This thread shows how I create multi-start trapezoidal threads for 3d printing. 



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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi there!

Until there is a thread tool that can make more than one coil, it will not be possible by this tool. But @etfrench posted a manual workaround that appears easier than using the coil tool.

The main purpose of this tool is to play with angles and clearances of existing threads. Should be possible to add support for other types than iso threads. I may look into it when I have nothing else to do.


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This version tries to find the correct folder to save to so you don't have to search for it.

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in reply to: thomas.landahl

Thank you so much for your work. It's much appreciated!

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just added sanity-check to avoid negative diameter.

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This is a life-saver. Thank you very much!

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