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Autodesker here to help with your designs & challenges

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Autodesker here to help with your designs & challenges

As I described in my most recent blog post, I am here to help! Want to get started in Fusion and need some extra help, or want to tackle a sweet project together? I'm your guy.


Check out my blog post, and let's get in touch. I'm really looking forward to what you guys throw my way, and I can't wait to help!


Keep designing differently,


Taylor Stein

Fusion 360 Evangelist
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First off, your product is simply amazingly good - it is exactly what I was looking for.  


My only reservation is that its very hard to find answers to all the stupid questions I have by looking in the help section. Hope you don't mind if I ask some pretty basic stuff. My main issues (now I have started to understand where all the functions are) is around organising my work flow, so I wonder if you could give me some advice on best practice. 

I have a number of components (which I designed initially using AutoCAD) - the basic idea is that there is a single casing into which various different inserts can be added to change the function of the combined unit. Apart from a couple of bolts and fasteners the unit is designed to be printed from STL files.


My project plan is to:

- print out sets of casings plus inserts,

- fit a set of casings and inserts  into a prototype vehicle

-  test them

- refine the design

- repeat until I am happy.


There is a single casing design and five different inserts. The inserts have some common parts but also unique parts. All this translates into 5 assemblies each made up of a casing plus a different insert and each insert is made up of a combination of common and unique parts.


What I want to do is to be able to arrange the various files so that I just change things once and then go to print. 


I'm at the end of the first iteration and it will take a few weeks to complete the testing so any advice here on how best to arrange all the files would be very much appreciated so I dont confuse myself further in the next design round and I have got a little time to re-organise.


A supplemtary question is about the STL files. They look great when I check them, with very few errors. Is this the same software used by AutoCAD to create STL files? I got excellent results when I printed from AutoCAD generated files - I've been using netfabb to error check and the files - do you think that is really necessary? Have you got plans to provide similar checking capability?



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Hello please ...


I am trying to model a pull handle...see att


I am trying to t spline from the circular section to the rectangular section.


modify - match...... seems to be the function I need...but cant get it to work...I want the lines to go to the corners of the base as well.


Thanks Grant

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Hi Grant,


I believe the command you're looking for is actually the 'Bridge' command. In the sculpt environment, it can be found under the Modify drop down menu. Bridge takes two faces or loops, and bridges the gap between them. If you make sure that there are an equal number of edges on both closed loops selected, it should bridge the two!


Let me know if this works, and feel free to also post this in the Get Help with Fusion 360 section if this doesn't fix your problem!




Taylor Stein

Fusion 360 Evangelist
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Thanks Taylor.........If you were in the uk I would buy you a pint !

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You're welcome, Grant! Glad I could help!

Taylor Stein

Fusion 360 Evangelist
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in reply to: taylor.stein

Access the new Autodesk 3D Print utility from the 3D Print menu to optimize your model for 3D printing.

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Hi Taylor ,


I am looking at modeling this pressed brass backplate.


Where is the best place to start ?


Thx Grant

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