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Add Direct Edit while capturing history

Add Direct Edit while capturing history

Please can you add Direct Edit while capturing Design History. I want to be able to rotate, patch, delete, scale & move faces without having to turn off history. Capturing direct editing history is pretty useful in its own right (Inventor has absolutely nailed it IMO), but this is super useful for CAM users. 


This maybe a duplicate idea, but a search didn't turn up any results.

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this is also applies to other workflows IE Simulation.


We are working on a Solution

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Would be the best upgrade so far for me!

Rotating and shifting faces is so useful if you are in a complex part design with lots of history.


Without having to go back really far in the model and risk breaking the design. I still need the history for certain aspects so i'm not willing to give that up to do a few quick edits. 


Please make this happen!!Smiley Happy



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@scottmoyse @Anonymous

We're currently revamping the Move command, and we're including Move Face in parametric designs as part of that 🙂 Current plan is to release this in January.

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