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Education Software Guide | IT Administration, Educator & Student Setup

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Education Software Guide | IT Administration, Educator & Student Setup

Hello I&L Community,


This post is meant to provide information regarding the Educational Software program. 


As of May 2020 the Education Community launched a new verification process, when accessing products from the Educational Community  all members of the program will now be prompted to verify & determine eligibility to access Autodesk educational licenses. Either proof of enrollment or employment needs to be provided & uploaded.

*This does not affect educational licenses that were installed & activated before May 2020 when the verification process launched. 


This video will guide you step by step through the verification process:  


IT Administration Setup: On behalf of an educational institution

  1. Qualified Educational Institutions can enroll
  2. Create an Educational Institution Account 
  3. Download and Install Education Products
  4. Activating Educational Licenses
  5. Instruct students & educators to verify to gain access
  6. How to manage education accounts for multiple educational institutions


Educator & Student Setup: For an individual educator or student access

  1. You need to be enrolled or employed by a Qualified Educational Institution
  2. Determine if you are Eligible for Free Educational Licenses
  3. Visit the Education Community Website to create or sign-in to your account
  4. Sign-in & follow the prompts to begin the verification process

 Note:  You are required to upload a document, to verify your enrollment or employment at your school. A verification email from will be sent to you regarding your status.


Educational DocumentationEducational Documentation


Helpful Links: 

Educational Verification FAQ  

Who is Eligible for Free Educational Licenses?

Education Community Website

Contact the Educational Support Team    

How to add an educational institution? 


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