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Welcome to the Community! Start Here

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Welcome to the Community! Start Here



Hello, and welcome to the Autodesk Community!


We’re glad you are here. We are a peer-to-peer channel where you can ask questions, provide answers to other members, participate in discussions with a friendly community, and grow your knowledge by collaborating. Our Community is filled with customers, partners, Autodesk technical staff and product experts. It’s a great place to make connections!


There’s a wealth of information and many ways to interact, so here’s a quick rundown on where you can find important information and resources.


  • Log In. Make sure to sign up and log in! Logging in makes sure you can reply to ideas, like posts, and ensures that you can start rising in rank.


  • Check out the Rules and Etiquette! We want to make sure this is a positive, interactive spot, and this is an outline of what it means to be a member here.



Here are some other resources that may be useful as you explore the Autodesk Community:


Remember to check out the Community Announcements for notice of all our upcoming Community events to participate in.


Again – welcome to the Community, and we look forward to getting to know you!


-The Community Team



Amanda Kinley
Community Program Manager

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