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How to Post a New Question to the Forums

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How to Post a New Question to the Forums

Unable to find what you’re looking for with a search? Create post topic to start a new conversation and see what help the community can offer! 


1.Start your post topicwith a short, clear, concise title. Try to have it include your product, version, and a short descriptor of what your question is. This helps community members who are experienced with your product identify your post. 


2.Write your post with as much detail as possible to fully convey your question or issue. Include operating system, any actions leading up to the issue (if applicable), and any other issues you think may help. Installation logs are often helpful at identifying installation issues, screenshots, files and error messages are also useful – try to attach those if needed! 


3.Embed a video to get the most accurate solutions from the community. To learn more about how this useful took work, check out the Uploading Videos guide. 


4. Add tags to your new topic. These increase the findability of your post, and ensure you get notified when it is answered! You’ll be automatically notified when someone replies to your question.  


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