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How to Participate in the Community – Create and Answer

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How to Participate in the Community – Create and Answer

Do you see a thread that you can answer, or a way to add some value to a discussion? Don’t be shy, hit “reply” to share your knowledge! This Community is a safe and moderated environment where you can be confident that you will not be judged for the questions you ask, no matter how basic, or the answers you provide to help a fellow member. Everyone has something to offer! 


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When you reply to a thread, the original poster will be notified for continued discussion, or follow up if needed.  


Remember, to form a quality reply, it’s helpful to: 


  1. Start your reply with mentioning the original poster. Use @ and then type the original user name to make sure they see your reply. It’s also a lot friendlier! 
  2. Adjust the tone of your reply to the presumed skill level of the poster. Whether it’s a brand-new user or a 20-year veteran of AutoCAD, we want to make sure everyone is welcomed and helped in the community. 
  3. Use Screencasts – it’s sometimes easier to explain in a 30 second video of your screen, than type the same instructions.  
  4. Need more information? Ask for it! New posters may not know to include product, year, operating system, and other information sometimes needed to solve the issue or answer the question. Feel free to ask for more details. 


Did you find a post helpful and have it solve your issue, or were impressed by a well thought out reply? Show your appreciation by “liking” their post! This increases the findability of the solution, and shows the poster that you appreciate their contribution. Don’t worry about running out of likes to give – they’re unlimited, so make sure to appreciate content freely! 


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While you’re participating in the forums, make sure to check out the Idea Boards to suggest ideas straight to our product teams! 




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