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Account Customization

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Account Customization

Want to add a personal image to replace the generic one that displays on your community conversations? Interested in including a bio on your profile page so that other users can easily get to know you and identify similar areas of interest? Need a distinct signature block to appear below your Forum? Customizing your community account has never been easier!


Customizing your profile

Forum Profile 1.png

1. Select "Community profile" from the drop-down menu on any page.


Forum Profile 2.png


2. Click here to add a picture to display across the forums.

3. Click here to change your display name and location.

4. Click here to add a professional bio or short introduction.

Adding a Signature

Forum Profile 3.png


1. Select "Forum preferences" from the drop-down menu on any page.

Forum Profile 4.png

2. Enter a custom signature to appear at the bottom of all your posts here.



"My Site Preferences" is the place in the forum to go to adjust the way you view threads, what timezone you are in, and your privacy settings as well! Explore all of the options to make your forum experience unique to you.


Adjusting your Notifications:


 To turn off the ability to recieve Mass PM's, or just remove the email notification when you have a PM, navigate back to "Forum Preferences":

Screenshot 2022-01-31 155542.png


Then select "Private Messenger". There you can turn off private messages, or just choose not to receive email notifications (you will see see the alert if you are logged into the forums on the upper right hand bell icon). 


Screenshot 2022-01-31 155751.png


if you would prefer to turn off all notifications, then select "Notification Settings" from the tabbed menu and choose to turn off push notifications, email notifications, pop-ups and more:


Screenshot 2022-01-31 160020.png

Kiyomi Mier
Sr. Community Manager

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