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Join Jacob as we dive into the Dynamo for Revit connection; exploring how this relationship is a two way street, the differences in UI that support a smooth DynamoRevit experience, dive into the Library and additional 700 odd nodes that Revit brings to the table, and then traverse how to get data into Dynamo from Revit, and push data back into Revit from Dynamo.

Recording of the session:

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  • Thursday, February 17, 2022
  • 10:00 AM PST
  • English (US)
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Thank you for the presentation! Was great to see and hear! Also the example Jakob was showing, laid out well the difference hosts provide. Thank you.

Thank you for joining @GruberMarkus. We hope to see you in future Dynamo sessions.


Shaan Hurley
Between the Lines Blog
@ShaanHurley on Twitter



Apologies for missing this one live.  Work, go figure. 


I am watching the posted video, which is a bit fuzzy (and has the Zoom participants blocking the right side of the screen), so I am building a graph of my own to better understand the Live Demo.  I imagine the Curtain Wall I created is different from yours, but the graph was cruising along just file up to the Vector.ByTwoPoints node.  Your results of that node have varying values for the X and Y components, and 0 for all of the Z component of the vectors.  My node has varying values for the X and Z components and 0 for all of the Y components.  How did my axes get messed up?


Jacob's Graph @ 41:34Jacob's Graph @ 41:34


David's GraphDavid's Graph


Did I miss setting a vertical work plane or something?  Or is Dynamo telling me to stay away from geometry and stick to changing parameter values?  ; - )

David Koch
AutoCAD Architecture and Revit User
Blog | LinkedIn

PS.  I am also confused about why the vector needs to be converted to a 2D vector - if all values of one axis are 0, is it not already 2D?  Or did you have non-0 Z values for some points, that did not show in the video?


PPS.  Thanks again for this ongoing series.  I am learning quite a lot from it.

David Koch
AutoCAD Architecture and Revit User
Blog | LinkedIn

I decided to make my "2D" vectors from my X and Z values (mapped to X and Y, respectively, in the Vector.ByCoordinates node), and ran with it from there.  I will note that the distance values that provided were exactly the same as the distance values from the original vectors.


I still would like to know why my original vectors had 0 for the Y values, but the graph still worked when I used my Z values.



(I did not have Jacob's G1 and G2 System Panels in my model, so I used Glazed for True and Solid for False.)


David Koch
AutoCAD Architecture and Revit User
Blog | LinkedIn